Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 13, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Your teacher Augustine is with you.  I must say I am somewhat amused by your prayer, beloved daughter, for you articulate the human dilemma so well in what you say. On one hand, your mind is so curious and desirous of direction and advice from the Angels, and on the other hand you pray to receive the Father’s Love to awaken your soul. To reconcile these two impulses and desires often brings confusion and difficulty in making decisions in your life. This is the dilemma of the human condition is it not? That which mortal’s on this world of yours are continually confronted with and challenges your decision and actions in the world?

Your soul knows the truth. Your soul knows the answers to many of these pleas to God for direction. But, because you are human it is difficult to trust these knowings of the soul and make your decisions accordingly. The mind always second guesses, tries to winnow out logic in your thinking, in your ideas, and the information that you receive in your prayers. Yet a simple prayer, “Am I meant to do this dear God? What is your will dear God? How am I to proceed and go forward, dear God?” These simple prayers may lead to clear guidance when done with faith and trust in what God may give to each one of you.

When it comes to your relationships with others, is it not that love comes before all else? Behind love comes wisdom. Behind wisdom comes logic. So with these three elements in mind, how difficult can it be to decide in regards to your relationships with another? If love predicates all, then whatever you decide to express and to do and to be with another, is primarily to be loving. When you are in communication with another, is it not expedient to be clear and honest with your brother or sister?

In this clarity and honesty, if wisdom of the soul is your foundation and love is what colours all, then can you not communicate without worry of offending or hurting another? Yes, this takes practice, my beloved souls. It takes wisdom. It takes all of these elements of which I speak. But it is not difficult, especially for you who have bright souls and have had much life experience. It is not difficult.

As for travelling and guidance to work and travel in the world as God’s emissaries of love, you may take on any number of projects, ideas, and guided inclinations, and test this with God. You will know clearly enough and with not too much time spent, what is in harmony and what is not. Yet you continue to question. You continue to doubt. Often the mind forgets the guidance it is given and so you beseech your angel friends to remind you of what that guidance is.

I say to you, you are all too human, my friends, in your efforts, in your worries and cares. I know that to embark upon these journeys is a great commitment of time and of resources and you are concerned that all is in harmony and correct. I say to you, when that guidance comes and the impulse is clear and strong, it is an indication to follow through, to seek, to refine and to make possible these inclinations and efforts.

So it will go in your life, my friends, so it will be with many opportunities. Yes, it requires work and clarity and prayer and desire. Again, all predicated upon love, influenced by love, influenced by God, influenced by the angels.

This can become confusing to the mind, for the mind has its own inclination, has it not, its own desires, its own judgements, its own restrictive thoughts? Yet, the soul is open and clear, inviting and embracing. To be a channel of God’s Love, to be His instruments in the world, as you well know that being in harmony with your soul is of the utmost importance and a priority in your life. In this way, as long as you continue to nurture your soul and to keep this understanding of soul and desire to be within your soul’s awareness, alive and well-nurtured in prayer and love, there will be no confusion. There will be no distraction. There will be love, clarity, purposeful action, and a true sense of being in harmony with God’s Will and God’s Laws.

This you must test with each day. It is important that you reply upon the resources that God has given you, the gifts that are so readily available to you, the truth that you know so well, and the feeling of love God brings into your life and is pervasive and all-encompassing. In this way, you will know your truth, your destiny, your direction and the efforts that are required in order to fulfill God’s plan for each one of you. This you have proven to yourselves time and time again, my beloveds. It is clear and not ambiguous in nature. It is the trust and faith of your own souls in alignment with God. And so it shall be and continue to strengthen and awaken. So it shall be, my beloved friends, so it shall be.

May God bless you upon that journey, keep you in alignment with God, keeping that great blessing of His Love continuously flowing into your soul as you evolve and awaken and flower in God’s Love and Grace and Wisdom and knowings. Be blessed and strengthened, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine. Thank you for listening to me today and asking for guidance. I hope that I have given to you that which you need to hear and know. Be reassured that you continue to walk the Divine Path and be guided by God and His angels upon that path. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.