Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 14, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

May the benediction of the Holy Spirit that is the active agent of God and His Love come to each of your souls, opening you to this great Blessing, removing all that does stand in the way between you and God. I come, I am Jesus. I come to be with my brothers and sisters upon this world, those beautiful souls that have made that commitment to receive this Gift of God’s Love, to walk the path of soul redemption, of healing, that brings at-onement with the Source of all.

This Gift is meant for every soul upon your world, yet before me is a mere handful of those who have come through the trials and tribulations of their search to this place of love. How difficult the world has made it for humanity to come to this simple and beautiful Truth. How complex are the beliefs of man and how simple are the Truths of God. It does not matter what word and label, the machinations of thought that humanity puts upon their spiritual journeys and religious doctrines, the essential aspect of spiritual growth is a desire for upliftment, Light, Truth and Love. Each of you have come to this conclusion and have recognized the soulful desire within you to be fulfilled by God’s Touch of Love upon you. You have come to the Truth, and it matters not what journey you have taken in order to come to this place. What is important is that you have listened to the desires of your soul. You have cried out to God to give to you the Truth, to uplift you and to lead you on a journey towards greater Truth and greater Light. So God has shown you the elixir of the soul, that you may be empowered with soul awareness and insight, the faculties within, awakened by the Love of God. And you will continue to awaken to all that is of Light and Truth, your eyes will open, your hearts will swell with Love and joy, your being will feel the Blessing of God in many, many ways.

For once you have opened this door, so all of God’s gracious Blessings upon you will cascade through and touch you deeply. You have begun the journey beloved souls. Of all the many souls who are longing and seeking but know not what for, you have found your way. You have opened the door to eternal Light and progress. You have come to that place that your souls have longed for. So we in the Celestial Kingdom continue to speak to you, to be with you, to pray for you, to encourage, to bless, to influence you upon this journey. So we will continue for all eternity together, brothers and sisters all, upon a magnificent road to at-onement with God.

Blessed are the children. Blessed are those who are strong of heart, whose souls are vulnerable yet strong, longing for the Touch of God. Blessed are all of us who have found our way upon this path. And shall we love one another, beloveds? Shall we support one another? Shall we reach out to one another in love, seeking to uphold, to encourage, to strengthen? For, this path upon your Earth plane is a difficult path indeed. So much conspires to draw you away, and yet you persist, you continue to walk forward and be in the Light of Truth. With your consistent, diligent and persistent efforts, you are blessed and shall continue to be blessed. As you pray to God for His Gifts and Blessings, so you are blessed, beloved souls. And we all walk with you, we are your elder brothers and sisters who know the way and shall continue to point the way to God, a true and deep connection with the Creator.

May His Love continue to flow abundantly, powerfully into your soul. May you continue to awaken and know your true self. May you come to know God as your Father, that Source of all goodness and acceptance, Love and encouragement, that Source of Truth that your souls seek and your mind shall accept in time. So it shall be, so it shall always be, blessed are the children. God bless you beloveds. My love is with you always. I shall never leave and we shall walk together for all eternity. God bless you. I am Jesus. God bless you.