Spirit: Isaiah
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 15, 2023
Location: Laurelville, PA

I am Isaiah. I come to uplift you, to bring you to that place far beyond this Earthly plane, that place so true to God that you are in the joy and the bliss of His Presence, the sweet peace that comes as He envelops us all.

My beloved, beloved children of the Earth, you must open yourselves fully to God’s presence. For you are in need of His blessings. You are in need of all that God has to give to you. All that is available to you will be given provided you wish for this blessing. If there is unity, then there is strength and power in the unity. If you have the same desires, then you multiply those desires in prayer a hundredfold. God responds accordingly, for this is the law. This is how God will bless you beloved souls, as you are together in the awakening, the quickening of your soul so that you may truly know how loved you are, how beautiful you are, how beautiful is your life, blessed by God. 

You come together, seeking to be awakened by the Love of God, to know His blessings deeply, to be in the flow and grace of His Touch. So it is, in accordance with your desire, all that you are, in this light, in the beautiful Grace of God. The Holy Touch is upon you, beloveds. Feel it. Open to it. For it is here. It is here for each of you. Be in His Grace and know His Love, and all will be well within you and among you. 

I am Isaiah. My love for you is great. Children of God, children of God, you are blessed. Indeed, you are blessed. Feel the breath of God envelop you, beloved souls. The awakening, the awakening of your soul, may it come as a mighty rush within you and around you. The light burns bright. The peace, the peace that brings you to the Grace of God. All these things are given, beloved souls, because you have come together to desire this. You have opened your need, yourself to God. Open yourselves beloveds, that place so tender and vulnerable. Open yourselves to God’s Touch, the great Comforter, the great blessings that come in prayer.

We are truly His children, it shall be so for all eternity, a journey unlike any other. All that God wishes to give to you is given freely. Open yourselves and awaken to your Heavenly Father. God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you. My love is with you.