Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 5, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

Beloved souls, I am Andrew. There is such deprivation and lacking in your world, though much of your world has a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, all manner of material goods while there are many who are lacking the material and have often a deeper spirituality than those in what you call the Western world. Yes, the great lacking in your world is that of  firm spirituality, a deep understanding of their true selves in relationship to God and all things spiritual. This lacking of understanding of spirituality, of love, is a great tragedy in your world, for the material things can always be provided and given, especially for those who are in alignment with God, but the spiritual part of man when ignored and not present within, colours everything about their lives, their beings, and their relationships to the world. 

So it is that many are asleep. They do not truly understand why they are within this world and have a great deal of difficulty loving, accepting and nurturing themselves and those around them and understanding their place in this world of yours. Without this grounding of the soul, that which we speak of and teach to you all, there is often a pall of darkness or greyness around the individual who is lost. Indeed your prayers are needed for the world, indeed your prayers for your brothers and sisters, many of whom you know and you know are lacking will send themselves, the spiritual foundation. I ask you to pray for them, beloved souls. Pray for all the thousands of millions of souls who are actively moving in the world expressing themselves, but are doing so without any idea of the meaning and purpose of their lives. They merely walk in the world responding with their five senses and their minds to what the world has to offer them and what their experience of life is giving to them. 

So the shallowness of experience, of perception, of understanding brings a great deprivation to the material world, the world that is full of God’s Creation but is depleted by this lacking in humanity that is being expressed over and over again and is damaging the light of the world. So, it is very important indeed for you to nourish yourselves in light, to pursue these matters of the spiritual, of the soul seeking out the Source of all love which is God and receiving this gift of Divine Love which is the antidote to this lacking within. 

Beloved souls, continue in your efforts as deep and great as you may make them to be in alignment with God, to be in alignment with your own soul, to be true to your true selves. In this way, that hollow place within that is so common in humanity is infilled with love, with joy, with understanding and wisdom and a deep peace comes to those who know where to find it and who desire it within their hearts. You have found a way to cure yourself of this great deprivation. You have found the way to God. You have found great nourishment and revelations and insight and joy within this pursuit. 

Share this with your brothers and sisters even though they may look askance at you who in all earnestness and honesty and desire, share this truth. Know that you are planting seeds within those who are in great need. You are a light in a place that has a great lacking of light. You are bringing truth where there is much error. You may be used by God to ignite a desire within the individual who is so often in deep apathy and confusion and is asleep. 

So much is needed in your world, so much that the work of the spiritual seems overwhelming in scope. But, I tell you one step at a time, one expression of love, one expression of the truth embracing your brothers and sisters, feeding them with the nourishment of the soul, beseeching God to put the desire of His Love within them. These things you may do each and every day, toiling away in barren fields of your world, bringing life back to the desert of the soul. 

My blessed and beautiful friends, know that when you make these efforts and you affirm and reinforce your true understanding of the power of love, the power of God, the power of your own soul, then you do God’s work and you, in your own way, assist God to bring back to life a world that continues to be out of harmony with God’s Laws of Creation and Love. Each and every one of you is needed, each and every one of you is loved. We are with you always. Your friends from the Celestial Kingdom continue to assist you and walk with you so that we together with God’s blessings may bring life back to your world. There, as life flourishes, will be a great joy, great wisdom, great truth. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Andrew and I pray with you for your souls. For this world and all within it, we pray with you in love. God bless you, my love is with you.