Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 28, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Barbara, whom you call your mother and your friend has entered into the Spirit Realms with ease, and we are assisting her as you would like and desire. She is finding her place and is joyful in her release from the physical constraints. She was welcomed by many, many spirits whom have known her and have observed her in her life. Many angels also welcomed her as she found her way to the life of spirit. 

She has progressed into the fifth sphere which is an immensely beautiful place full of great light and joy and she has great gratitude for you all, and great love. She wants you to celebrate her birth into a new life, a life free from the burdens of the flesh, a life where her beautiful spirit, her soul, may find expressions of light, and gifts of light and love, expansive and glorious. 

She has not left you. Only to have left her fleshy body and will be close to each one, whom she loves dearly. The bond of love remains within the soul and is carried there for all eternity and it is not lost. She is not lost, but she has been found and knows her way to God, and has done so for many years in her prayers and efforts to serve God and love. That special bond that each of you share with this beloved soul, know that it is the deep expression of her soul and love that was gifted to her by God and His Love that shines forth in your souls and your love for her. 

May God bless you all on your journeys. I am your teacher Augustine and I come to assure you that all is well, and all will be well and filled with joy and love. May you sense the great reverie of these moments of passing. The light of her soul has brought her to greater light in the world of spirit. God bless you beloved souls. God bless you and keep you well and close to your love for each other and for dear Barbara. God bless you.