Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 24, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Luke. I wish to talk about the dual nature of humanity, that of the material life and that of the spiritual life. As you go about your business in the world, so you are engaging your minds, your intellects, your material desires, and material expressions. Because you live in a material world, the amount of energy and time do you expend in these pursuits is great. Yet, a life that is strictly of the material nature, strictly of the mindful material pursuits and judgments and perceptions is a rather shallow life, a life that does not enhance your soul or your perceptions of the finer nature of your being.

So a balance must be struck to bring harmony into your lives, a balance between your material pursuits and the pursuits of your soul. This balance has been taught by many over the ages. Certainly the beloved Master Jesus taught this as he walked the Earth. He respected the need for dealing with the material world and honouring the material life. But he and so many others spoke of the need to have a spiritual understanding of life. He did not refer to this as being a religious doctrine per se but rather an understanding within the heart, a knowing within the soul. It is that powerful knowing, that open heart, the desire for God, the desire for the spiritual that will bring greater Harmony into one’s life in this material world.

So, I urge you all to consider that prayer, contemplation, study, and more prayer will help you on your journey of life. When one opens this one’s soul to the blessings of God, His Divine Love, then there is a great power given to each individual who is attuned to God and this way. Spirituality becomes a second nature to those who are nurturing their souls in prayer. Those conditions of the mind, even those things within the mind that are of error have far less potency in one’s life and in the light that one carries in the world.

The power of this Love, this blessing of Divine Love, will bring the balance that is necessary for a good life. To know God in this way, to feel God’s Touch so closely and powerful is to understand the greater vision of life, to know that your time on Earth is short indeed, and that this time on Earth is crucial because it determines your position within the spirit world when that time is finished in this world. Many progress from the material upon death into a place that is not particularly of light but a greyness, a certain measure of light but not so much that a sense of joy and freedom is felt.

For many, when they come to the Earth plane, it is like they have never left the material plane. The experience is so very similar because they have not progressed spiritually enough to be awakened to greater light in the spirit world. The Law of Attraction stipulates that they must go to a place that is in harmony with their soul condition. For many in your world who neglect to nurture their souls, who are ignorant to the possibility of nurturing their souls, who are distracted by the material life, carry little light within them and must indeed confront the struggles that come in the lower planes of existence.

For those who do evil in the world, who are unloving and unkind, selfish and deceitful, and all manner of negative human conditions, their lot is worse. They come to a place often of great darkness and despair. They have not in any way earned a place in light but this does not mean that they are for all eternity stuck in this condition nor are any spirits there for eternity in regards to the plane that they land up in upon their passing. For God’s Laws stipulate that there is progression forward, that all is progressing towards harmony and light.

So all of you as you continue on in your earthly existence and seek to know the laws and understanding to bring you to greater light, to bring you to greater harmony will no doubt find yourselves in a place of light when you pass on from this place for this is the law in action. What you sow, so shall you reap. As you seek to love, so the power of love will uplift you and cleanse your soul. The power of God’s Love will transform your souls from mortal to immortal, from human to divine.

This great leap from the human condition to that of Celestial Angels requires time and dedication, prayer and the expression of these truths in your life, releasing all conditions within you that are not in harmony with love. It is a great journey, one that cannot be accomplished quickly. But nonetheless, compared to those who seek to purify the soul upon their journey of life because of natural love, this journey to the Celestial Heavens, rather than the sixth sphere of the perfect man, is great and quick indeed.

For many who seek to do for themselves the cleansing of their souls in the natural healing and love that is within them, brought forth to purify and to make right all that is within them, to refine their spirit so that they are eligible to enter the heavens of the natural love, must indeed work hard, must indeed go through many, many experiences,  working through their inner conditions and the conditions of all the spheres of spirit until they have arrived at their reward which is indeed a heaven.

With the power of the Divine Love, it brings a great impetus to spiritual progression. It fuels the soul and heals the soul. It fuels the perceptions of the soul. Therefore, one’s access to spiritual truth is great and deep. It fuels the individual’s capacity to love. Since love is the key to all progression, one’s capacity to love will bring light to your being, will bring light to this world, will bring light in your expressions in your world. This light is exponentially increased with the Essence of God entering the soul

So when you pray for this gift of Divine Love, so you pray for transformation, progression, soul development, soul truth and understanding, and great Love. These things are the elixir for the soul, that which awakens and heals and uplifts.

I urge you, beloved souls, to seek a balance within your life between the material and spiritual. I would also urge you to put more emphasis upon the spiritual so that you may reap the rewards of your efforts when you enter into the world of spirit. For as your saying goes, what you accumulate in this world cannot be taken with you in the next in terms of material items or even accomplishments. It is that part of you that is the true self, the spiritual soul that carries forward. As you slough off the mortal coil, so you enter into a new life, a renewed life, one that is very different from what you experience at this time.

Beloved souls, may you choose to awaken your souls, to know your own souls, to know God upon this wondrous spiritual journey. May you make great efforts to release the burdens of the material world so that you may feel free to be in the Grace of God, the Love of God, the beauty and Truth of God. This is a goal worth aspiring to. Each of you continue on that journey seeking to awaken, seeking to hear the desires and know the thoughts of your own soul. May you continue forward, beloveds. Continue to awaken. Continue to be in the Grace and the Light.

God bless you. I am Luke. I hope that I have helped you to come to a clear understanding of what is important in life, what is of lasting value, what it is than can carry you into greater light. God bless you and keep you in his light. God bless you.