Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 26, 2019
Location: Homosassa Springs, FL

Yes, beloved daughter, you know of me and I know of you. No blessing is too great that those of you on the Earth cannot feel and know this blessing. It is merely the strength and exercise of your faith, the power of your desire to receive, the openness of your mind, and the yearning of your soul to know the blessings of God in deep and profound measure, that changes all within, changes everything from your perceptions to your capacity to love. 

Awakening the soul is an incremental process. But as you pray together and pray singly, and do so with effort and consistency and a deep desire to receive this great and bounteous gift of love, then indeed the soul must awaken. Great and powerful insights, awarenesses will burst forth into your consciousness and bring to you great joy and knowings, understandings and communions with God. 

Allow this to be the focus of your life, beloved souls. Do not let anything distract you from this. I am not suggesting that you live the life of an ascetic. No, beloveds, but bring love into everything. Bring your faith into your prayers. Those times that you take with God, dedicate yourself fully to those moments. Do not let the distractions of the world interfere with your times with your Heavenly Father. Be clear within you, humble in your expressions. Be truthful. Be simple. Be loving and compassionate. The light that you carry will draw many to you. God will indeed guide you along the path that is meant for your life and your instrumentality. 

There is much for each of you to do and each of you must be strong. Be dedicated in your life to bring vitality and strength, harmony and love into your beings and into your lives. In this simple way, God will do the rest and it will be a joyous flow, an ease, and a joy. 

In many ways, your instrumentalities just begin, just opened. In this opening, there will be much more that will come. You have just broken and cracked the shell of the chrysalis, emerging as beautiful butterflies. This, we and God, have awaited for many years. We are excited to see what beautiful patterns emerge upon your wings, how beautifully you flutter in the light of God’s Love and light upon many, touching them with the magic of your beautiful soul and God’s flow of Love through you.

May God bless you, beloveds, and keep you in His Light always. We are with you. God bless you. I am your teacher and your friend, Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, friend to all. God bless you.