Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 29, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

I am Seretta Kem. Dear precious and beloved souls who continue to consistently come together in this Circle of Light and purpose, you are growing. Your souls are awakening. Though often in your mind you do not see the outcomes of this, we in spirit see it clearly. We are pleased with your efforts and these outcomes. You continue to pray for the Father’s Love to ignite the awakening of your soul, to bring truth, understanding, gifts arising from your soul bubbling up into your mind, your consciousness.

The alignment between mind and soul continues to take place. You are taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. Yes, you have listened keenly to our guidance. You have sought to be in alignment with that guidance and with the Laws of God, the Laws of Love. As you have seen, God has guided you to many places and has used you in many ways, touching many souls. As you are coming to understand, that this service for God, a channel of love for God, is often not done so in a dramatic or clear fashion, that your minds may comprehend the actions of God through your soul.

You continue to listen and to express the Will of God through you. You do so with great faith trusting that God continues to guide you forth. Indeed, God does. Indeed, God opens doors and awakens avenues of service, possibilities and potentials that are within you, gifts flowering forth as you are God’s creatures, His expressions, His beloved children. So you come to realize what that entails, what is truly within you.

So my beloved and beautiful friends, the time fast approaches when the changes which we have been speaking of will affect each of you and change your lives irrevocably. You continue to prepare yourselves in prayer and to awaken from the slumbers of the human condition, and to see more clearly what lies ahead.

Know that God has a plan for each one of you and that God’s plan for this world is to release humanity from the snares of its own inability to see the error and inharmonious conditions that have been created. This great juggernaut of intention and action, dark energies, lack of love, materialism and greed continues to push forward, bringing humanity to the brink of great suffering, great suffering. Although your leaders tout progress and material satisfaction, it is all a ruse, beloveds. It is built on unstable ground and cannot be sustained.

When the time comes, when all is in turmoil, structures unable to sustain the intentions of humanity to support itself in the human condition and is failing dramatically, this is your time to act. This is and these will be the efforts that we speak of, that we have prepared you for in the coming days to bring humanity to its senses, to explain and open the eyes of many so that they may understand that it is not them that is in control.

It is not of their wishes and their efforts, their desires, their intentions of the mind that will save the day of humanity. Instead they must go to the highest Source of all, the greatest Wisdom that can come, the flow of Love that is readily available to all that will bring that wisdom, that understanding forward. They must come to God. Whatever way they find comfortable and easy, they must come to God and ask to be guided and uplifted and ask to know the Truth.

As it has always been and always will be, God utilizes His angels, His instruments, His channels of Love to bring forth Truth and understanding. You, beloved souls, and many more like you, will take up the banner of Truth, will be channels of love and compassion that will help uplift your brothers and sisters, to help quell the fears, anxieties, the confusion, the rage, and the anger of losing control and power over the world. God’s intention is to show a better way, a way of harmony and peace. This will come in great waves and revelations of Light and Love and Truth.

You live in dramatic times, beloved souls. You see in the world how conditions are changing daily, how humanity continues to fervently establish its hold on this world in ways that are not in harmony with its creation. The frenetic powers and energies that continue to try and shape this world will not hold, will not remain as they are, for change must come, healing must come to bring the balance back to this world that is necessary for all life to be sustained, for this world to flourish in light, in harmony, in balance and peace.

I know that you look with your minds upon the landscape and feel very small. These conditions are so immense and seem so powerful. It is not for you, beloved souls, to tackle the great powers at be in the world. This is folly and cannot come to much good. Instead, God will guide you in ways that will have greater effect and will bring change, and will change the atmosphere of your world and bring greater light. So little is in your control, beloved souls, so little. Yet, as you listen to God and be close to God, and being filled with His great Essence of Love, so you begin to be an active agent of His Will, a channel to bring the energies forth that will turn the tables and bring greater harmony and love.

It is not for you to make great and grandiose plans, to see yourselves as leaders that will be heard by thousands, if not millions. No, these are chimeras of the ego, the mind. It seeks to be recognized. Instead, your roles will be humble, but in the way of the soul, the Way of God, they will be powerful and have far-reaching effects.

I know it is difficult to comprehend of what I say. Though we have said this many times and many times you speculate and wonder as to what it is we are truly trying to say to you. But within you, you know there is change coming. You feel the momentum of God’s Will, God’s Hand upon this world of yours seeking to change the tides of negativity and bring peace and harmony. God will enlist you in ways you are yet to understand or see clearly, but you will see. Beautiful blessings will come through you to many souls seeking refuge, seeking assurance, seeking Truth.

As each day unfolds in your life, you come closer to that time and that realization of your purpose in the world, that which when you incarnated you committed yourself to do and be. That time, as I have said, comes closer. This is not a time for fear or speculation. It is the time to build the faith that grows within your soul, to build the light that continues to expand within your soul, to be close to God, and to continue to awaken freely all the potentials that are within you.

Do not hold back, beloved souls. Allow God to continue in His great efforts to release you from the chains of error, the chains that bind all humanity so that you are free, filled with joy and love and that you come to that place of awakening and knowing your true self.

Much awaits and each day is a great blessing. Each day has great potential. Be faithful and know that God continues to guide you and to use you, to strengthen you, and to awaken you. These things are of the upmost importance and that the mundane things of life that you all must attend to are not the true expressions of your soul. Each day holds a key to awaken those potentials and to awaken you to that new self, born in Love, born with God’s Touch upon you.

Your souls are eager to awaken, beloveds. We are eager to see the awakening within you. Know there is always adjustment, a time of transition, a time to be more comfortable in this new awakened soul. You will be guided and protected. All will unfold in harmony and peace. You will not be forced to leave your life, all you love. No beloveds, God does not intend for His children to sacrifice everything for Him. No, God intends for His children to bring greater life and light to their lives, to be pure and beautiful examples of His Love and Truth.

Can this not benefit all that you love, all that is within your life? Yes, there may come a time when you will move into the world guided by God as His instruments, but nothing happens without your desire and approval and compliance with God’s Will. God will not negate your free will. God will always allow you to decide. God will not judge. God only lays forth the opportunities and possibilities of service in your world. It is for you to decide, to choose to step forward or not. God does not love you any less if you step back, but God will bless you greatly for every effort that you make to bring greater light in this world.

You will all find your way, beloved souls. You will all see your way through the great maze of possibilities, conditions, the turmoil which is your world. You will find your way. God will bless you mightily upon this journey of yours. May you be blessed deeply within your souls, awakening such strength and depth of perception and capacity for love and compassion for your brothers and sisters that as you step forward, you bring with you such light, such beauty of soul, such expression of God’s Love for humanity, that wherever you might be and wherever you might go, you will touch souls. You will be His instruments and channels of love.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Seretta Kem. My love is with you. God bless you.