Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 30, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

God bless you, my beloved little birds. I am Confucius. How fortunate you are, beloveds, to live where you do, to have a life that has many possibilities and blessings, to live in a place in this world of yours that is resplendent in beauty, that is close to God’s Creation. May your hearts recognize the blessings of God’s Touch upon each one of you and upon your lives, beloveds, that you are not abandoned and alone, you are not unloved and uncared for. Instead, God continues to pour His blessings upon you.You have one another and others in your lives whom you love.

Though I know you each have your challenges, beloved souls, but those challenges can bring you great soul awareness and strength. They are a gift, provided you are willing to see the wisdom of the soul that which is given to you in your life experience as a gift from God, that you may stand upright in light, be strong in love, be at peace, and allow yourself to release all conditions that are not of love within you.

God will uplift you, beloveds, and ensure that you are in that place of peace and joy. It comes with the blessing of the Father’s Love, does it not? This beautiful upliftment and light, healing and peace that comes as you walk in light, you walk in the faith, and you walk with the yearning of your soul to be with God. In this, you begin to shed the conditions of humanity, those things that often bring pain and sorrow, those aspects of life that are not in harmony with God and God’s Creation.

God leads you upon that path, beloved souls, so that you may indeed seek harmony and light. How blessed you are, beloved souls. How blessed you are to know the way and to seek the way of Light and Love. How blessed you are, beloved children, to have your angel friends close by assisting you in your ways, guiding you upon the path of Light and Truth. How blessed you are to have shelter, food, warmth, and family, all things that nurture the soul, all things that keep you from deep pain, sorrow.

When those conditions impinge upon you, beloved souls, seek God’s assistance, His blessings upon you. Provided you are willing to release your pain, God will uplift and heal you and wipe your tears and show you the high road to Love. How blessed you are blessed you are, beloved souls, for you, each one of you, continues to desire to awaken within and to come to know Truth and to live in the Light of Truth.

Know that God walks with you, beloved souls, and keeps you close to His bosom. All comfort and love and peace is given to those children who truly seek and desire God’s Blessings. How blessed we all are, beloved souls, to come together in this light in prayer and to feel the warmth of God’s Great Soul, His Love washing over us. Yearn for this Blessing to enter your soul and awaken all that is within.

We are together in this light. God’s Presence watches over us. God’s Hand upon us. God seeking to awaken you all with His Love. Be at peace, beloved souls. Be at peace and know that you are loved beyond measure and that love is endless and shall be given to you for all eternity. You will be blessed within the Grace of God. God bless you.

I am Confucius and I love you dearly, beloved souls. I embrace you with love.