Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 30, 2019
Location: Waianae, HI

As the leader of this church (The Church of the Divine Love Truth), I commend you and bless you upon this path and to be a sister within this family of those who carry the Truth of Fathers’ Love. I am with you dear daughter, my love is with you and all that you do is blessed and carried in love. You are my sweet child and my disciple and you will continue to carry this truth to many as God continues to guide us all upon this journey of soul awakening and brightening in His Love. You and all of you here will carry this Truth to the world and gather other souls who are indeed intent upon carrying the Truth of the Father’s Love and bringing it to all those who are willing and desire to listen and know and experience a great blessing of God within their souls.

You are my brethren and you are loved deeply by me and all the angels of Heaven. For they are so few in your world who carry this Truth as I have spoken it through my instruments on this world. Know that you are blessed and graced, protected and guided as you walk in the world. Know that we walk with you and you are guided by the hand of God, always by the Touch of God within your soul. Awaken to your mission, to your purpose, to the great light within your souls, and walk upon this path with service and love with dedication with each day and each moment a gift from God to bring the Truth and Love of God to this world.

You are my disciples, beloveds, you are my disciples. I honour our dear daughter who has dedicated her life to this Truth and taken every opportunity to bring the Truth of the Fathers’ Love forward to many and shall continue to do so. All the days of her life shall be an ever flowing expression of her soul, a dedication of love from her soul to God, from her soul to all the brothers and sisters in the world. Indeed blessed are the children of beloved God, blessed are the children may they continue to flourish in the blessing and grace of God’s Love.

May you continue to yearn for this blessing and open yourselves wide, as wide as you can, to be receptive to the inflow of the Holy and beautiful gifts that God has to give to His children. May the Holy Spirit touch you all, beloved souls. I am the Master of the Celestial Kingdom. I am your brother. I am your friend. I am Jesus. God bless you. God bless you all.