Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 16, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C., Canada

May the blessings of love enwrap you and embrace you with His deep peace and Love for each of you. I am Andrew. I am happy to be with you today in prayer, that you may indeed awaken your souls to all the blessings, all that God has to give to each one of you. God does not restrict any of His blessings from his children, but part of the Law is that each child must ask for the higher blessings of the soul. Each child is given the choice, and in that choice may ask through longings and yearnings from deep within to know God, to know His Love for each one, that this Love, so tangible and powerful, can be received within your souls, absorbed in that place, that special and blessed part of you that God has placed within each soul so that it may communicate with Him, so that you may come to know the great blessings of His Love, His healing, His peace. These things may not only be known but may be absorbed by the soul, giving to the soul a deep cleansing, a righting of the soul so that it may be in greater harmony with God. This cleansing comes with the gift of His Love clearing away all that inhibits the soul from knowing God. 

You each have known this and have experienced God clearing away the shadows so that you may know the light. You have felt this within your hearts. You have sensed this change that is happening deep within you. You have acknowledged that from outside of you comes great blessings, powerful blessings from God. So you carry this torch of truth, this beautiful blessing that transforms your soul so that you may walk in the world as a channel of His love, so that you speak of His Love, so that you may teach others of the gifts that God has to give to each of His children. 

Blessed are those who know God in this way, have stepped beyond the human condition which so often binds and restricts the soul from knowing God and beginning the journey of true awakening and truly being all that you have been blessed and created to be. You will find your way, beloved souls, upon this beautiful path of Love. It pours upon you this moment. Drink these Living Waters. Thirst with great desire, great longing, the great ardour of the soul seeking to know the wonderment of God’s Love. 

Blessings to you, beloved souls. I am Andrew and I come to pray with you as do many of my compatriots in the Celestial Heavens. We all desire for the highest blessing for each one of you, for the highest blessings for your brothers and sisters on Earth, for the great reckoning of the soul with God and the healing of your world with love. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.