Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 14, 2021
Location: Gibson’s, BC, Canada

May the way to open for each of you to find the grace of God in every moment of your lives. I am Seretta Kem and welcome you once again to our little Circle of Light, seeking to serve God and serve humanity upon the journey that is the awakening of the soul so that you may bring this Truth to many. 

Yes, I know that life is full of challenges, that each of you experience the earthly conditions reflected in your daily life and reflected within yourself. That these challenges continue to bring some frustration, some concern to you as you make great effort to deal with the obstructions towards your spiritual light and path to God. Each of you are being challenged because God wishes for you to be strong. It would be easy for us to remove those challenges from your life, to uplift you and uphold you in light to such a degree that whatever comes in your life would not have its emotional and mindful effects upon you. But if you are to be God’s servants in the way that you have designated with this group and with the efforts we are making together, you must be strong enough to navigate the earthly conditions and still be in harmony with God. Unfortunately, this is usually accomplished with trial and error as God continues to guide you along your particular path. You encounter various challenges that are contradiction to your desires and the road that you must take towards light and harmony and love. How you navigate these challenges will determine whether you are strong enough and able to carry this great gift into the world. 

It is not that you are abandoned, beloved souls. On the contrary, we are close but often, not as close as you would like. For it is the human tendency to want the path to be easy and to take the path of least resistance. Yet with these challenges come the opportunity to grow and strengthen in light, to make those choices that are of the highest, to discipline yourself so that your thoughts and emotions are in harmony with love and in harmony with the highest aspirations of your soul. Ideally, there would be no challenges in your life, rather the unfolding of great harmony and peace, of wisdom and joy. This we wish for each of you. But, indeed, the earthly conditions and your own condition dictate that the learning process, the releasing of these dark places within you must be done in a way that is more difficult and at times, somewhat harsh. 

We have said that the way to God’s Love is the way to peace and harmony. But that journey must be taken through the pitfalls and difficulties that ensue in a life. And so you suffer, my beloved friends. Sometimes you suffer greatly. At other times, you feel the joy and upliftment of the blessings of God. As you transgress this path you are slowly coming into greater alignment with God and greater alignment with the Truths and Laws of God’s Love. This you must do in order to fulfill your commitment to bring the Truth of God’s Love through the many gifts that will be bestowed upon each of you provided you are ready to receive them and are able to walk in the world with this responsibility and at times the great burden of this gift. 

You have been carried by God and the angels through a life that would be quite different without this support. You have been guided, blessed, taught and your souls refreshed in love. Few in your world have been so blessed. Few have any inkling of what can be given by God, yet, you walk this path with a measure of clarity and understanding. Many of you have given yourselves to this path and desire to be God’s instruments in the world. You pray daily. You seek greater wisdom, you seek to be a clear channel of love, and you pray for this many times during the day. Your thoughts go out to God, and often that prayer comes with a desire to be released from the burdens of the human condition, so to be free from these conditions that reside within you and all about you. And that freedom will come, I promise you, beloved souls. That freedom will come. But it does require your daily and momentary choice towards light, towards love.

Your minds often over rule the seat of your soul by overriding the wisdom that is within it, coming to conclusions that are in error, seeking ways to express yourself in ways that more reflect the human condition than the beautiful soul that you are. This causes great conflict and consternation within each one of you. Indeed, as you are growing in the love of God, your perceptions of this dichotomy within you continues to grow and you see more clearly those habits and patterns within that are contrary to the Laws of Love. You will find your way, beloved souls, step by step, breadth by breadth, you will find your way. And indeed there will be times of great joy and upliftment, of expansion, of freedom from these earthly conditions. And times when you are challenged and burdened. 

There is no one upon your planet who is free from these conditions, who walks in the world completely in the light, uplifted and expressive of all that is of light, love and and truth. Even your beloved brother, Jesus, when he walked the Earth and who incarnated with a pure soul and kept that purity did not escape the challenges of your world at times where he felt burdened and challenged. So it is with a lot of humanity, until that time comes when humanity chooses light over darkness, chooses God over their own empowerment, chooses Truth over error. That time will come at some future date but until then, you must expect to be challenged and if within your soul and mind you can see that these challenges are gifts, that these challenges can be transformed into opportunities of growth, of awakening and adjusting the expression of your being in the world so that it is of greater light and less of the human condition. 

You are not yet free, beloveds, but indeed you work each day to empower that freedom within your soul by receiving the great gift of God’s Love that transforms you and heals you. As you well know, it is an incremental process. You are each at different  stages upon this road of healing and  transformation. Some of you have prayed for a very long time for this gift of love to transform you completely. Some of you are very new upon this path. But all of you within your souls are dedicated to this Truth. So you are welcomed into this circle that requires such dedication and commitment. You will find your rewards, beloved souls as we journey together. So you will find many truths, experiences, insights and understanding that will come as we assist you in opening yourselves to God and opening your souls to its great potentials. We will assist you in understanding these things of the soul, helping you to come to that place where the soul perceptions are awakened and become a rich and full part of your life. For without these perceptions, without the wisdom of your soul, without a great capacity to love and have compassion for humanity, how can you carry this gift effectively into the world? It does not happen magically. It happens through laying a firm foundation within you, of being clear within your mind and your soul, your objectives, your desires, your ambitions, of being close to God always and of serving God with humility and grace.

Your mind is filled with many ideas, many perceptions of the world, many things that you have gleaned through a lifetime but in truth, many of these things are distorted. Some are of complete error and others are in Truth. It is important that you conduct yourselves in a way that the cleansing of your mind of those things that are not in harmony will take place with your permission and your desire to do so. This in itself is a great challenge which many in your world refuse to accept or undertake. But since you have signed on, as you say, for this venture that requires a great deal of light, a great deal of dedication and commitment, so you must attend to those matters that are not in harmony with this objective. And if you suffer somewhat, think of your own body when there is something out of alignment or in need of attention, do you not feel pain in order to bring your attention to that particular problem? So it is with your soul. You feel pain because your soul is bringing you to the awareness of what is required, what attention is to be given to a particular condition.

Encrustations of the soul are great in each human upon this world and so you must attend to these obstructions and you must attend to those willful patterns that keep you from God. It is not an easy road to travel, my friends, but it is a necessary one and indeed, the rewards will be great. There will be great joy and a sense of freedom, expansion and upliftment as the faculties of your soul gains strength and are awakened with the love of God as you come to see the world from that perspective. So you will find great joy in this. So these things which you do for God will be made possible in alignment with His plan. So you will see yourselves differently and each and everyone in the world in a different way because within your soul is great love, great compassion, great insight into those you are connected with, those you will encounter, those that God will put upon your path. With this wisdom and insight you will know what to say and what to do. You will find yourself speaking to many with words of Truth that they understand and can accept. You will find yourselves influencing leaders of the world and influencing all manner of conditions that is part of the human life. 

Be assured my beloved brothers and sisters, that you have embarked upon an immense and powerful journey towards light and enlightenment, towards love and the expression of God’s Love through you. These things cannot be taken lightly. They are a lifelong dedication, one which each of you know within yourselves you must take. But you must come to great clarity within your minds and release those parts of you that are willful, which lacks humility and those desires to imprint your plan upon God’s plan for this will not be in harmony with how the unfolding of your beautiful gifts will take place. 

Humility is of the utmost importance, as well as dedication, prayer and a desire to serve. Allowing God within you through His Love and that connection that is forged with His Love to bring the awakening of your soul, abiding by the Truth that you know and being consistent with that Truth, putting aside those conditions that are not of love, and doing so not with the objective of perfection but the objective of greater light, greater harmony and greater peace. These things will come as you grow in God’s Love. You will know God as you do not know him now. That knowing will expand and strengthen and become a sure and powerful vehicle for you to awaken, to be healed and to be in harmony and alignment.

 May you continue on this path, beloved souls. Our time comes close. Continue in your preparations. Continue to contemplate and consider the challenges that are before you. And with the awakening, be thankful for what God gives you, whether that be a painful insight or wondrous joy. Both are equally a gift. Both are needed for you to continue on in your journey. May God bless you, beloveds. I am your Seretta Kem, ever by your side, ever close. My love continues to flow and envelope you all as do the many angels that attend to you. God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you.