Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 14, 2019
Location: Monroeville, Pa

I am Keea Atta Kem. God meets your needs, beloveds. When you are in need and you express that need to God in prayer, there will be an answer. It may not be the outcomes that you expect but in God’s wisdom there will be an answer. For you who are concerned for your church, remember the power of prayer. Remember the power of your own light and how you may stand up as an example for others, an example of tolerance and love, an example of truth and light. 

Do not let the conflicts of opinion and thought interfere with the outflow of love. Because it is in love and tolerance and the expression of these things that conflicts are resolved. Indeed, invite all into your church in loving acceptance, for every soul is unique. You cannot expect each soul to comply with your thoughts and projections of ways of being in the world. Every soul is unique. 

Enjoy and savor the differences, beloveds. Is every flower the same as the next? No. Is every human being the same as the next? No. God has created diversity in your world. God savors, enjoys, and nurtures differences. For all of creation moves forward, changing and evolving in its own unique ways of expressing the joy of God, the beauty of God’s Creation. Savor this. Appreciate the differences. Even that which is imperfect is a joy. Even when one speaks in a different language or in ways that are foreign to you or in ideas that you disagree with, accept. Appreciate that soul that longs for expression, that longs to be its own unique self. In love, with the opening of your souls in love, you may appreciate the differences. For with that deeper insight you will see that these unique things are part of the kaleidoscope of God’s Creation. Those ever changing patterns in the material world and the spirit world bring the many experiences that each soul has in life.  

If all were the same, there would not be a journey for it requires these many unique attributes and elements coming together in a multitude of ways bringing to you a rich experience of life. Awakening in you an appreciation of God. His creation manifests in your world. As you come closer to God and receive this blessing of Divine Love, you will have the capacity, the depth of perception, the awakened ability to see through the superficial to the deeper aspects of all that is life around you. In this will come joy, a deep appreciation of the wonderment of life. 

Each of us are challenged to go deeper, to awaken more fully, to love more deeply, to see beyond the veil of the superficial to something that is unique and wonderful. This is how the soul comes to be a conscious part of you, beloveds. As you brush aside the biases, the veils of thought and reasoning, to that place of deep intuition and perception, of deep compassion and love, so that you may experience the world as a beautiful expression of God’s Love and Creation in the world, as this will bring joy. This will bring a deep satisfaction, a deep understanding of what makes up your world and God’s Creation and all that is. 

There is much to learn, beloveds, and much to experience. Do not allow the biases of your minds to curtail what God wishes for you to know and see and savor. To taste life in all its fullness, to be awakened and present in all the wonderment of life, this comes with love. The love awakened in your soul, the love added to your soul, brings these appreciations and perceptions and experiences forward. In this way, you come to understand the depth and capacity of your own soul to absorb and experience life. It comes in beautiful and often surprising ways. It comes as a gift from God as His Love pours within your soul. So your soul awakens and your perceptions are heightened. Your ability to know, to truly know, comes to the fore.

My beloved friends, live life fully. Enjoy the creations of God. Enjoy who you are and all the layers and aspects of your own being. Do so enhanced and blessed by the power of love. In the kaleidoscope, the many colors and patterns shifting and coming to your consciousness will multiply and multiply and you will see how beautiful and complex is life. How wonderful is your experience of life. How there is more and more to know, to see, to feel, to acknowledge, to awaken to. You will truly be an awakened soul. All that is before you, you will see in light, appreciate and joyfully acknowledge in love. May this be your gift, your blessing. 

God bless you, beloveds, I am Keea Atta Kem and I love you. I love you dearly. God bless you.