Spirit: Moses
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 13, 2023
Location: Laurelville, PA

Blessings to you, beloved souls. I am Moses. I lived in trying times, times that led our people into conditions and situations that challenged us greatly. Yet, those who were strong, led. Those who were able to see beyond the trials and tribulations of daily life were able to comfort and lead their brothers and sisters. And you, my beloved friends, though you live in many comforts and conditions that distract you from the true conditions of your world, you too live in trying times. You too are on the precipice of great change. 

We come to strengthen you, my beloved friends. We come to encourage you to forge a relationship with God so strong and deep that whatever comes in your life you may not be distracted or downtrodden by these events but strong, willing and able to lead. For you will be needed. You will be needed, greatly. 

 I beseech you, my brothers and sisters, to look within, to assess the condition that lies within your soul, to assess the attitudes that come within your mind, to see the strength of your body and your capacity to withstand the impediments of the material life. For God will ask much of you. God will show you the way and that way will not be easy. It will have its challenges, more so than now. Much will come to you that will bring hardship to some degree. Yet, with the glowing embers of God’s Love within your soul, with the strength of your faith, with your trueness to God and your commitment to light, you will not suffer as others suffer. For you will be beyond those ruminations of the mind and walk in the glory and freedom of love. 

As you have been told, these things depend upon your willingness, your choice, your dedication, your prayers. My beloved friends, are you ready? Are you strong? Are you of good faith? Does love dwell within to such a great degree that despite these hardships you will love all you meet, you will care for those in need and bring comfort to many? This is what God asks of you, my beloved and beautiful children of truth. As you answer His call you will be rewarded with love and blessings, blessings beyond your imaginings, manifestations that will be powerful and will carry you through the darkness that is coming. 

Be uplifted. Know that you are being cared for, protected, nurtured and loved. That in this many will benefit, many will be blessed. I come to you not to bring fear or that you may feel judged, but to say to you that with the power of love anything is possible. With the strength of love within you, you may endure the impossible. With the joy in your heart, you may walk your road with deep desire to serve your fellow men. Be of good cheer, my beloved friends. For everything here is given to you in abundance, in light, in joy. Drink deep these Living Waters. Allow the joy to infill you and spread through you that you may all celebrate the gift that God has given, the gift of life, of love, the renewal of your soul in the Grace of God. 

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Moses and I come to entreat you with love and my strength and wisdom. God bless you. God bless all of you in this world. I love you. I love you, beautiful souls of light. I love you.