Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 13, 2023
Location: Laurelville, PA

May the blessings of the Father’s Love continue to flow into your souls. God bless you. I am Andrew. I come to speak of the parting of that veil that keeps you from truly understanding the nature of life, the nature of your own spirit and the nature of your own soul. For many of you continue to walk through life veiled from these realities, not truly knowing how life is. Yet this was never meant to be.

You are all meant to know that this material life is just one minor aspect upon a very, very long journey. That you need not be separated from your angel friends, from the bright spirits and all that is good. Each of you has the capacity to know these things, Though your knowing and your experience of them will be unique. Thus you can and will know that life is continuous. That life is all around you. That God provides the comfort and companionship of your angel friends who may come close and be with you in the light of the journey of your seeking God and His Love. 

We wish for you to know these things, experience these things, and to be well involved and engaged in this new way of seeing. One that is not well recognised in your world and yet a reality that exists and must exist for all in your world, so that they may understand more clearly the nature of life and their own true nature. 

If their experiences and their perceptions are deepened by this, then how can they go and violate another individual? How can they go to war? How can they express themselves in destructive ways? For when they see all about them the wonderment, the intricacy, the beauty of God’s creation and all its manifestations, then what comes to the individual is awesome recognition, complete understanding of why life exists and how it may be honoured with love. 

Whether that individual walks that path of the natural man or towards becoming a Divine Angel, the recognition, the understanding is the same. Although with your souls awakened with God’s Love, this understanding deepens and the reverence for God and God’s creation expands. You become enveloped in a reality and understanding of the world that is far deeper than what is so common today.

The world must open up in many different ways, my beloved friends. There is such a need for the deeper perceptions of the individual to come to the fore. For their feelings, knowings and experiences of the spiritual must be as alive as the material perceptions and experiences. This is what is meant to be in your world. This is what God wishes for every individual. That their capacity to communicate with the world beyond the veil so that it may become a real and living experience in their lives. This is important and must come to pass if the world is to progress beyond its present state of such cold materialism, such ignorance, such inability to truly honour life. 

My beloved and beautiful friends, as you open, as you experience life in this way, as you experience God with your soul open to His Love, you become the examples. You are the harbingers for your brothers and sisters to step forward into a new world. A world that includes insights and realities of soul perception, of spiritual understanding. 

 I urge you to be brave, to walk in faith, to awaken as God touches your soul so deeply and to accept these parts of yourself, these faculties and abilities that will bring you greater insight into the world, into yourself, into one another. These things are important, leaving behind misunderstandings, erroneous beliefs and ideas of what life is. 

Rather, you will be blessed with truth, with the reality of how life truly is. This will bring you a depth of knowledge, wisdom, compassion and understanding. All infused with love, so that you may walk in the world as one of God’s true instruments, clear and beautiful in its depth and perspective. 

You are all very close to this awakening. It is but a few steps away. Can you allow yourself to break through these veils and be freed by the clarity of perception and understanding of the truth? This comes as the love grows within your souls. For surely, when you grow and when your soul awakens then these insights and perceptions are available to you. Anticipate the dawning of a new way of living and experiencing life. This is a true gift from God. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could gaze upon a flower and see all the colours of the rainbow emanating from that flower? Or gaze upon a creature of God’s creation and know its purpose and feel and recognise how integral they are to the functioning of your world. To gaze upon each other and truly see one another as who they truly are and the beauty of their soul. To be with God and know God in such a deep and intimate way, that the joy that will come, the understanding that will emerge within your conscious self will be so deep and wondrous, that you will be in awe as to what God is, who He is, and the wonderment of His creations. 

Much awaits you, my beloved friends. There is so much for you to discover and know. As you continue to grow in God’s Love, so these things will emerge. So, you will come to know. In this will come great joy, great intrigue, curiosity and desire to know more, to be more immersed within the Truth of God’s creation. This is what awaits you, my beloved friends. This is what will come to you as you continue to have faith in your abilities, capacities, and gifts. All that you are that is hidden within you will come to the fore. You will be embraced by the truth of your own self, who you are and what you are. 

My beloved friends, there is so much for you to discover. So much awaits you. Yearn for the blessing of God’s Love and these things will become real and tangible within your life. You will see life so very differently. All that you desire, all that you wish for, all that you apply your will toward will change, reflecting new perceptions and abilities. You will know joy in this. You will know great love for God and for all of God’s creations.

My brothers and sisters, we come together to be awakened, to truly know ourselves, even those parts that are difficult to know. Whether it is because we do not wish to see or whether it is because we cannot see, these things shall open as you exercise your faith and desire in prayerful application of truth, to be that beautiful soul that you are meant to be. 

My beloved friends, we are here with God. We are here to be with God. Shall we not pray together, and be with God together? I am Andrew and I love you, beloved souls. I love you dearly. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.