SPIRIT: Josephus
DATE: March 19, 2024
LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

Posed by Geoff Cutler: We fully understand the seven spheres that lie on the path of a human post death, before passing into the Celestial Kingdom. But my exposure over the last five or so years have brought an understanding of the existence of higher DIMENSIONS of time/space consciousness that we as living humans could reach. And I also know that once you reach the 5th dimension, your lifespan is a matter of choice, so these more advanced humans clearly have an enormous benefit in learning before they choose to pass over if they have lived 10,000 years. Now I have been told there are 12 of these dimensions, but that the lowest that a human with a soul can reside in is the 3rd Dimension, where we are presently.

It would seem that the Earth Changes are designed to catapult us into the Fifth Dimension, so very soon we will be interacting with many many space civilisations. Already I have observed that what they believe varies considerably. A pertinent example is the source of the Urantia Book which I now believe has very significant errors, even as it might still be useful for those mindful folks not attracted to our soul path. So it seems the 4th/5th dimensional humans on Andromeda were responsible for this book, and that it reflects their Truth. I find it unbelievable that a civilisation at what appears to me to be a relatively low level of advancement would be so arrogant and misguided as to do this.

But it means we would like a perspective of the relationship between the spheres that we know so well, and these dimensions from the perspective of soul growth or if necessary, also intellectual growth. In short, which of these dimensions host civilisations that we can actually trust do know real soul based Truth.

Of course Josephus could simply remind us, as have many of our Celestial teachers, that we should be using our soul mind to deal with these things. And we have had some success in that, as we find we have information we don’t know the source of. But as teachers of others, and in my case the owner of a spiritual website, that advice is not useful to many who are not that close to their souls. And in fact my own website is very much based on information delivered by Celestials over the last 100 plus years.


May the blessings of the Father’s Love be upon you and the breath of truth be amongst you. Yes, I am Josephus. I have come because you have asked me to come to speak and to respond to your questions, dear son. To come as a comforter, to reassure you, each of you who are undergoing changes and have conditions in your lives that are difficult. I wish to say to you, beloved souls, that God is with each one of you here. God is with you all and will help you find solutions to your dilemmas, help you to awaken to truth, help you to find your way upon the path toward at-onement with God, toward receiving ever greater blessings of His Love within your souls. For, of course, this blessing of Love is that which awakens you and calls you to greater truth.

Humanity has a great propensity to mythologise their spiritual path. To add to, to adorn and to make complex the simple truth. It is because the human mind insists upon this journey of adornment that it has great trouble understanding the simple Truth of God. Through the ages many myths have been born. Many complex explanations of both physical and spiritual life have been created. Great superstitions, rituals and ways of being in the world have been created over the years, many millennia of years, in order that humanity may make sense of the world. They make sense of the world through their minds and the paradigms and archetypes that exist within the mind.

We, on the other hand, wish for you to understand the world through the eyes of your soul. To come to truth through the eyes and understanding of your soul. This is done, as you all know, by receiving the great gift of God’s Love. It opens the faculties of the soul, the understanding of the soul and often contradicts the perceptions of the mind. 

Your question about ascension and levels of reality, dimensions etc. are interpretations of the mind. They continue to interest you and to excite you, for it gives explanations that your mind can understand and take comfort in. Words are words, my friends. Labels and descriptions are inadequate in order to understand true spiritual progression. Indeed, God’s intention for each one of you, for all of humanity, is continued spiritual progression, whether that be on the path of natural love progression, or that of Divine Love progression. There are two ways, two possibilities, two journeys to take. God has given you free will in order to do that.

Now, there has been much talk of Earth changes, what is to come, how it may manifest, how humanity may survive, how the world may look and be after the process of cleansing and reconfiguring the Earth in such a way as there is greater harmony. My beloved friends, this will not happen in an instant. It will not happen in a day, or two days, or one week. It will happen gradually and it will happen often without you noticing the changes. 

I must refute your idea of a period of darkness and then awakening. God will not sweep away the earthly conditions, all that man has built over millennia of time, millions upon billions of choices made and conditions that have been created, in just one instant. This is not how His universe functions. When it comes to His most precious creations, those with a soul, He offers the opportunity of growth, of change, of healing, of reclamation, of transformation. He does not say: “Believe this and you are transformed”. He does not give the opportunities for one who has claimed to know the truth, to experience the truth in such a way that they are instantly healed. Although this may happen to some, it is unlikely to happen to all. In fact, it is impossible.

It is the hard won trail toward truth, light, love, healing and transformation that is the typical lot of man. God does not entertain the idea of healing the world instantaneously. God will set into motion various plans, efforts and blessings upon the Earth that will accelerate the transformational destiny for this world of yours, but one must be patient. One must be penitent. One must be prayerful. One must build faith, for faith cannot be given instantaneously. Faith comes through the experiences of the individuated soul experiencing life, experiencing God and experiencing their own inner self. So, the process must have a period of application, testing and movement forward  in order to be attained. It does not come because God puts His Hand upon you and says: “You are healed! You have come to this place of transformation. You will be in the light”. He does not do the same with His beloved Earth to say “I will change you now and it shall be changed forever”.

Indeed, the process of change happens continuously. At times, it is sped up and quickened by God’s blessings and you are feeling this at this time. At other times, there is a slowness to the pace. It is like waves. The top of the wave, the peak, and then the trough. In God’s universe, many things are governed in this way. You are coming to a peak that is of great change and transformation. Some of you here will witness that peak to the trough and some will not, for it takes time. The expression of God’s Will and purpose for this world is governed by time, space and His Laws of Creation. He will not circumvent these things, but He will add to them in such a way that there is special dispensation in order to awaken certain potentials within humanity and within this world.

God is focusing upon the souls of humanity in such a way that they may open and be receptive to God. Unfortunately, many are lost to this opportunity. They will not see. Their heads are buried in the sand, so to speak. Therefore, they will be lost to the conditions, the power and the transformative energies that are here now and continue to be activated and intensified as time goes on. Some will respond enthusiastically and deliberately and will be receptive to what God has to give. Faculties will open. Insights will come. Revelations will be experienced. Many will feel the power and intensity of God’s Love for them and they will respond as their souls open to this gift and blessing.

As I have stated, this will not be expressed as an instantaneous situation. It will take time over a number of years. Thus, those of you who are impatient for things to change, for humanity to change, for the conditions of this world to change from darkness to light, must have patience and faith and continue in their ways of connecting and being with their Creator, with our beloved God. 

How else can this be accomplished? I ask you, my beloved friends. How else can this be accomplished? Yes, indeed, you have been told many times about these changes that are afoot in this world of yours. It would be easy to accept an explanation that suggests that these changes will come instantaneously or, more or less in the flow of time, instantaneously. Indeed, in the flow of time, the changes and the way in which they will come, in the flow of eternity, is instantaneous. Not in the way you surmise, my beloved friends, but in the way that is within God’s timing and plan. Allowing humanity to adjust, to move forward, to be given the opportunity to do so without being startled and placed within a different world without any foreknowledge or understanding of it.

Much information is being given to humanity through various sources. Have faith that there are many that are beginning to realise, that are on the dawn, the cusp, of realisation that these changes are needed, acceptable and harmonious. Have faith in this, beloved brothers and sisters, that God indeed has a plan. It is not the plan of some alien forces or even that of the angels and bright spirits. It is the Divine plan. It is your responsibility, my beloved brothers and sisters, to open yourself to that plan not in your mind, but in your soul. To challenge yourself, to come to that deeper place and feel your way through the process of awakening to it. 

This, too, takes time. It is a great challenge for many of you to understand what God intends, to be open to this and to be grateful and joyful that God is willing to share His great plan for the salvation of humanity. He does so in many ways, through many avenues, through many vignettes of experience, prayer and understanding. 

So, you see, when there are those who lay out the plan for you through various channels and ways of explaining it, they are subject to the myths that have been created in your consciousness, to the paradigms and those conditions of mind that have been with humanity for millenia. It overshadows the truth, my friends. It overshadows the truth, which is simple and unadorned. So, I beseech you to go deeper and to not listen to the ramblings even of myself, but to test the truth for your own self. To test the truth within your hearts and souls and to be in alignment with God. In this way, whatever happens in the world, you will be in harmony with God and God’s intentions, not only for you personally, but for the world.

I offer this as a solution to the dilemma of great change that is coming. It is not in gathering mindful advice and snippets of insight into what will happen, for there are very few that know this truth. Even we in the Celestial Heavens do not know in entirety the outcomes of what will be, for there is always the factor of free will in humanity and how, through free will, humanity responds to change. So, this knowledge, this complete picture, is not available to you or to us. It is to a degree, and we have shared with you what that is and how we perceive it, but we do not give to you in entirety what we see for we do not wish to influence you in any derogatory way. Rather, it is for you to struggle to find the truth, to be in the flow of God’s Will and God’s Truth, to know the joys of a soul in alignment with God, awakening to the power of His Love, understanding the wonderment, the depth and the breadth of His Love.

This is the only journey, truly, that we ask of you. It is not in great preparation and seeking to know the minutia and details of what is to come. Instead, I suggest that you follow the inklings and will of your soul, rather than your mind, to find the path that you must tread, to know the changes that you must make, to be in harmony with the plan that God has for you, individually. When the time comes, God will need many lights, many who are strong, many who are in alignment with Him, so that those who are lost and frightened may be comforted, may be advised, may be taught and may be shown the way to how to live in a new world.

Yes, a new world is coming. This is inevitable and shifts will take place. This you know and you feel. You feel the intensity and the depth of this, but you must put aside any concern or fear for what may come of you and be content that God has you firmly in His grasp. God will continue to guide you and protect you. God will continue to love you and nurture you. He will nurture you and usher you into a new world. Whether that new world comes in the form of your transition into the spirit world, or whether it will come in the form of your transition, however long it may take, into a new world that is the physical world. 

Either way, it will be governed by your personal faith, your collaboration with the Will of God, your capacity to see, hear and feel His guidance in your life. This is what is required of you, beloved souls, and the many who seek to be God’s instruments. Have we said anything different to you over the years? No, my beloveds, I do not think we have. We have indicated various things about a changing world. We have given you some advice regarding this, but we have not changed our message to you and your personal journey in this material world. We shall not, for what we provide for you is the truth, simple and unadorned, free of these myths, paradigms and structures that humanity has built around themselves in order to give meaning and comfort, in order to idealise and construct paradigms that are false. We give truth and only truth. It may be obscured somewhat because of the ways and means that we give this truth, but nonetheless the core and the kernel of truth is there.

Indeed, for each one of you, individually, you may receive truth within yourself, within your soul that will help to sustain you and help you on your journey of true awakening, of true at-oneness with God. What more do you need than this, beloved children? What more do you need? I know the mind is insistent and demanding, at times, fearful and at times, wanting more and more. I say to you, acquiesce. Acquiesce and go to your soul. In this, you will find the answers. In this, you will know your true self. In this, God will meet you there, as will we. 

Is this not so difficult, beloved children of God? I know you wish for the truth. You long for it. You desire it with every kernel of your being. We wish for you to know and to have answers, but they come in the way that we have told you, the way that God has prescribed for you. So, we urge you upon that journey. We urge you to take up the challenge of soul awakening, of soul being, that your soul may govern your thoughts and actions over that of your mind. This is all we ask of you and it is not so difficult, my beloved friends, not so difficult.

I hope I have answered your questions. I am willing to entertain another question, if required.

(No more questions)

So, I will take my leave. You are all bright and beautiful souls. Know that you are loved and that we are close. We are close and shall be your friends, your brothers and sisters, upon the path toward eternal truth and love, toward at-onement with God. I thank you for coming together in this way and being truly lights in the world. God bless you. I am Josephus and my love is with you, beloved souls. My love is with you. God bless you.