Spirit: Luke and Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date:October 22, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

Your soul is changing. Beloved friends, I am Luke. For as you continue to seek this agent of change, the elixir of God’s Soul, so you will be changed and you will know the extent and breadth of God’s Love for each of you. This change comes gradually. Just as the physical components of your body change with time, the components of your soul change as you continue to seek this love. In this way often the observation of this change is not readily available to you. The awareness comes gently and you progress incrementally as the power of love infiltrates all parts of your soul and in time, all parts of your being. 

Yet, as everything in God’s Universe and creation, progress is inevitable. Whether the individual progresses and purifies in the natural love that is a part of each one or whether the decision to walk the Divine Path, to receive that great gift from God, is your decision and your dedication. You are changing and indeed, the weight and pace of that change is very much dependent upon your choices, your free will gift. The more you pray, the more intensely you pray, the more you are willing to accept those changes within you, the more you become attuned to your soul. In so doing, being attuned to God, then the awareness dawns within your consciousness.

For the vast majority of you upon the earthly plane, the pursuit of the soul is only an awareness that is partially with you and dependent upon your focus. Many of you are focussed upon the material world and the demands that come with the material world. Since you inhabit a physical body, the distractions of that body are great. And since you have a material mind the distractions of that mind are great. There are many factors that hold you from soul consciousness. Yet when you come to pray as you do today, are you not praying to shift your consciousness toward the soul and away from the material? That you can be liberated from the material conditions which weigh you down and fully be within the joyful awakening of the soul. We come to assist you, we in the Celestial Kingdom and those bright spirits and others who come to pray with you and be with you in these sacred times so that we might help you and uplift you. We may help you make that transition of consciousness from material to truly spiritual.

We pray together, my beloved friends. We pray for truth. We pray for enlightenment. We pray for the power of God’s Love to truly shift our consciousness in such a way that we are not subject to this pendulum of awareness, material-spiritual, material-spiritual. That the pendulum may shift to the spiritual more often and more powerfully. For is this not the way in which the world might change? Not by the minds of men and all their inventions and creativity toward material resourcefulness. Rather it is the soul of each individual seeking the great source of nourishment and love which is God. In this way, true change happens within the individual and with the individual changing and transforming. So the effects of this will be known in the world. For you will express these things in powerful ways, in ways that influence others, in ways that bring greater light to a darkened world.

My beloved friends, it is your transformation, your efforts and your dedications that will change the world. Humanity may prattle about in all the business that they create together, thinking that they are progressing. Certainly in a material sense, there is much progress. Unfortunately, the material will not solve the deep aches and longings within the soul, that true self that continues on through life and beyond the material. These things will not be healed and rendered into light through material effort. It requires power of the soul, the awareness and understanding of the soul, not that of the material mind and all its machinations, but the giving way of the material mind toward the consciousness of soul. 

Here we are together, my beloved friends, trying to nurture soul consciousness, making efforts to extend our longings, our very being to God, seeking the nourishment that God has waiting for us. Drinking of these living waters deeply, seeking all change that may come from this and adopting these changes into our material life, into our material consciousness. It is a great effort and ambition and one which we come to help you with. For we know the destiny of humanity, the destiny to move toward that which is of light, of greater spiritual understanding, purpose and expression. One that includes love as the primary motivator for all who engage upon this journey of light and it shall come, my friends, it shall come.

Yet, you are needed greatly. You are needed purposefully to bring the change to humanity that requires in order to heal themselves and to heal the world. We persist as do you, my beloved friends. We shall pray together for the upliftment of mankind, for the awakening of humanity, for all that is required to heal, to bring peace and to bring truth and love into the world as an active and potent agent of change. 

We are with you. So I am with you. I am Luke and I pray with you today in the hope that the world will benefit and change and be of light. God bless you, my friends. God bless you deeply within your soul. Come to know this experience, this expression, this Touch from God and you will see as I see. You will know as I know. You will be joyed with the knowing, seeing and feeling. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you in His Love. My love is with you. God bless you.

Children of Peace are Needed
Spirit: Jesus

God’s children of love, I come to bless each one of you in the glories of His Love. We shall be uplifted. We shall carry the torch of truth into the world. It is our work, my beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters. This is what God designates for us, to bring the blessings of truth to humanity, to be the light bringers for the world. My beloveds, I am with you and I bless you. I am your brother and friend, Jesus. We walk together upon the shores of God’s blessings. We shall be together for all eternity. God bless you, my beloveds.

 I am with you. Know me. Feel my love for you and know that God’s Love for you is greater still. As we walk together, we shall know this. Beyond a shadow of a doubt we shall know this. God bless you, beloveds. I love you and I bless you with peace.