Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 22, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

This is Josephus. You live in a challenging world, a world full of many stray conditions that are not of love, those currents and flows of energies, thought energies, conditions that are made by humanity that blanket your world in a dark pall, polluting God’s Creation with thoughts and actions that are not in harmony with God’s Laws. When you come together to reach for the highest, you must struggle through these conditions. and go beyond and above them.

This is why, with each of you God assigns an angel to be with you, to help you to be in a condition of Light and Love. First and foremost, you must have within yourselves a condition of Light. You must have the desire to seek for the highest, to be in God’s Grace and Love and to be awakened in this Grace and Love, to receive the Love Divine within your soul. Without this primary effort, you cannot reach through these conditions. Some may do so, but with great effort, great effort.

So you see, in this world full of many with  spiritual understandings and conditions in which they try to strive beyond the mundane, that they still are influenced by the spirits and conditions of your world that are not of the highest. This is why you have difficulty, my beloved brothers and sisters, to share these Truths with others, for they do not understand how it is that such simple Truths may be valid compared to the often complex explanations of spiritual understanding that are in your world.

You have been blessed with the presence of angels, the Touch of God upon you, the Light of His Essence within your soul. In this beautiful marriage of blessings, you create for yourselves a way to escape the atmosphere of the world and come into the purity of love, the Love of God. In this, you receive the great blessing of His Love which begins to activate your souls, awakening that deep part of yourself that is capable of truly understanding and knowing these Truths and the truth about yourself.

Yet still you are challenged, beloved souls. Each day, as you go about your day, so you are challenged to be in the Light, to be in harmony with God and to be in harmony with your own soul. With concerted effort, conscious prayer, being sensitized to the inner desires within your soul, you may break through these barriers and dark conditions into Light, at will. For all it takes is your will, beloveds, your desire, your effort. All of these other blessings, the power of the Light that shines upon each one of you will surely lift you up and closer to God. As you do so over and over again, as you continue to pray and strive and struggle to come to that place of harmony and purity and Light and Love, so it becomes easier. So the Light intensifies within you and around you. So then you become a beacon of Light in the world, pushing back the darkness, wherever you might be.

This is not necessarily a conscious effort in bringing the Light. It is merely the response of the accumulation of your actions and prayers and efforts to be in the Light. So you carry within your soul this lantern that lights your way. With this gift of God’s Love within your soul, so the angels are with you and God is with you. You begin to awaken to a new purpose, a new journey and meaning for life, to be a channel of Love, to be a channel of Love that will assist in awakening your brothers and sisters who continue to toil in the dark.

Remember this, beloved souls, that there are many benefits to breaking through these barriers of darkness and ignorance, to coming into the purity of Truth and Love, to awakening your soul in this way. So much can be accomplished through each of you to help light the world. It is not a complicated matter and does not require great intellectual understanding. It does not require even your purposeful and willful mind engaged in directed work. This may be so, but without the power of God’s Love within your soul, it will not be in harmony with God’s Will. So build the Light within your soul, my beloved brothers and sisters. Know that as you do so, you reach for the highest. You accomplish what few may accomplish in your world, to be a beacon of Light wherever you go, to be powerful in this Light and to touch many souls.

Even though there may not be the conscious recognition of such within yourself or within the other, still there is a seed planted. Some Light is given, a blessing to help uplift and encourage your brothers and sisters who toil in the darkness of your world to reach for something higher. When the opportunity comes, and surely it will, speak the Truth of God’s Love. Do so in gentle and clear words that help to assuage the resistance that so many have to these words. As your Light shines upon another, so they may be receptive and may strike the chord within the soul, an inkling that this may be true, a hope that their world, their soul, might be changed in Love and transformed in time.

There is much work for each of you to do. As you gather in this way, so you are doing God’s work. So you are coming together in this Light, basking in the Grace of God, receiving His Love within your souls. You inch closer and closer to that place of purity and Grace and Truth and Love. You will be blessed each time you say your prayers, whether it is together or separate, you will be blessed.

Continue in these efforts and be strong in the light. Walk with truth within your minds and souls. Be aware that with each moment God’s Touch is upon you and wherever you may go, you might be a channel of Love, a beacon of Light, a soul who has broken free from the shackles of the Earth that is burdened by the conditions of mankind.

You will feel the difference. If you have not already, you will feel the difference between those who continue to suffer within these conditions and yourself, who has broken free. You will know yourself as different, though you will feel love for all and strive to make that connection of light with all you meet. These are the Laws in action. Love in action, Truth in action, Light in action, bringing to each one of you a great change within which will precipitate great change in your life.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls, and keep you close to your Heavenly Father, the Source of all Love and Light. We are with you, each one of you and you are never alone. We will continue to escort you through your life. Provided that you desire to reach for the highest so, you will be blessed accordingly.

God bless you beloveds, I am Josephus and I am with you. God bless you.