Spirit: Marie Antoinette (Josephine)
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 28, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

…God’s Love to you, beautiful children of Light. My name is Josephine and you may know me from the words that I uttered so many years ago, “Let them eat cake.” This arrogance, this ignorance of my time on Earth made me famous for sustaining such error and lack of compassion for those of my countrymen who were suffering. As you can well imagine, when my time came to enter into the world of spirit, and it came very quickly after that utterance, I found myself in great darkness. I found myself in great despair. Yet, even one who cared little for others can come to God for redemption. So I did in time, with the help of many spirits who, with their compassion and care for me, assisted me upon that journey to God. Now I reside within the Celestial Kingdom, my soul redeemed in the Father’s Love, my heart full of care and love for others. I have been transformed from a dark and piteous soul to one filled with Light and Love. That transformation was not easily gained, for I had to pray and work very diligently to come to that place of Light. But so I have, and I can attest to the power of God’s Love to transform even the pittiest of souls into the most beautiful and gracious and loving, of all that you can be within your soul.

I wish to express and to stress that within your hearts and within your minds, may you be pure in your thinking and doing, that you may be a channel of love in the world, caring for your brothers and sisters, making great effort to assist those you know are in need, who are all around you. For your world is so full of souls who are lost, who are unloved, who are in need of care and loving assistance. When one goes to God for His care and seeks relief from the pain and the loneliness and all that keeps you in darkness, it is important to realize that it is the spirit of care, of caring for another, of reaching to another, of uplifting another that will bring greater light to your world. Rather than put a barrier in your mind to these needs and those who are needy, open your heart with the pure expression of love to all you meet. Have compassion to all who are in distress and in need a comfort and upliftment. Comport yourselves in the world in a way that light emanates from you, from your minds and your souls, so that you may walk as a channel for God of Light and Love. It is not so difficult when you have been touched by God within your soul, that His Love shines there and informs your being with the Truth. It is not so difficult my friends, especially in these times in the world that are troubling indeed. Have compassion and put away your judgments, your fears and your cares. Be with God in love. Walk with God in love. Be guided by God in love.

And when your time comes to enter into my world, you will not be in such a desperate condition of darkness. Instead, you will know the great joy of a soul that is filled with love and compassion and grace. Express this in every day of your life. Walk in Truth and be God’s instruments of Light in the world, for you are needed; the world is in such great need. May you find within you those capacities and gifts that may be used to reach out to your brothers and sisters, you may walk as God’s instrument. Know the freedom that comes with a pure heart and a pure mind, to be that glowing jewel of Light and Love that is your soul.

God bless you. I am Josephine. I am happy to be with you today, have a great interest in your efforts. This Circle of Light, as you call it, is important. Its light reaches far into the world of spirit and attracts many who are interested, who are drawn to the light and often in need of love. God bless you my friends. I am with you in your efforts. My love is with you as well. God bless you.