Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 16, 2023
Location: Laurelville, PA

There were, I don’t know what I would call them, maidens. They were Celestial women in veils. They came into the center of the circle and made a circle facing us with their backs to the middle. They each had a bouquet of flowers. They gave each one of us a bouquet of beautiful, beautiful flowers. Not from this world. Let me tell you. These flowers were quite extraordinary. It was a gift of thanks for what we’ve done and to appreciate everybody. Everybody who came here to do this work because it was important work. It is important work.

Even though you may have felt you haven’t been fulfilled with some extraordinary experience or something that you know you would have liked to happen in this group, you actually dedicated yourself to something more extraordinary than just a personal experience. It is this collective experience of service that is going to have reverberations and a powerful wave of light that is going out into the world. So, we were honoured in that way.

I saw that my own bouquet had a kind of magenta gladiolus with light centers and of huge purple irises all around that and beautiful peach coloured roses in the middle and then incredibly fragrant carnation type flowers with that. As a gardener I appreciate all these things.

Bill got a big spray of red roses with a large, almost looked like a peony, but it’s not like a peony I’ve ever seen that went with it. Um, now I’m losing it. Anyway, we all got something and it was all beautiful. It was all kind of tailored to each one of us. I know it meant something in terms of the flowers and the colours and all of that put together. They each had meaning. 

 I remember Wendy got freesias, beautiful freesias. But that’s all I remember, I’m sorry. It was a lovely appreciation and you know the intricacy of this kind of send off, I’ve never seen in a group. They’ve come and given us blessings and thank you’s and all of that and messages but what they did today was really amazing. So, I’m glad we could stay for it.