Spirit: None
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 6, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

It was very busy. I realized what the glass portal which I saw earlier was about. So, it’s a gift from another planet to help us. What was at the bottom of the portal was a big sphere. We are all in it and we were lying down in it and they brought some machinery that actually aligned all of our cells in a certain way. It was very pleasurable. Since I’m being uncensored, I can say it felt kind of like sex, very tingling sensations. It was all quite interesting and they were very human-looking spirits. I would say they were not spirits. They were beings from another planet but they were in their spirit bodies working with us, plus of course, our spirits and everybody else was there.

This is quite a different beginning than what we experienced in our Group of 7. It is very much in earnest. We are getting down to business right away. They did it not in a dark room but here in daylight which surprised me. Maybe the dark room is just our fabrication of what we need. I don’t know but anyway I like the dark room. It’s dark but it’s quiet and our neighbor doesn’t have his blower going in our ears. 

What else? There were other things. They had us sitting up. There was light pouring on each one of us. It was almost like we were at a spa and they were doing all these treatments. We were benefitting from all their efforts. I’m just amazed at the lengths they are going through in order for us to be in alignment with them. They are very serious about it. I swear, if you were all attuned, you will see it and feel it too. If you are not, that’s kind of a signal that there’s more work to be done in your alignment and attunement. That’s what I experienced and maybe I’ve got a really active imagination. At any rate, that’s what I experienced.