Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 12, 2018
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Thank you for this time together in this circle of Love and Light. Keep us ever in your Light, guide us each day, protect us and show us how we may be in greater light to receive more of your Love, to express your love in the all the different ways and means, possibilities that are inherent within each one of us. Teach us how to be a channel of love. Teach us how to love ourselves and to love all who are in our lives and for all our brothers and sisters in this world and may all those things within us that are not of love fall away.

As we grow and expand in this love, may we come ever closer to the fountain head of your Love and your being. We love you dear Father and we ask you to bless all that are connected to this little group, all that have been together in these Circles of Light. And for those who journey on, may they be blessed and each of us upon our days together and days of service be blessed by you, each moment, each moment of each day. Thank you Father and we love you.