Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 1, 2019
Location:     Waeanea, HI

God bless you, I am Confucius. I bring to you all a blessing, a blessing that will strengthen and uplift you, beloved souls, so that as you live your lives you will feel more acutely the Presence of God with every breath. I gather the joy that is all about me in this circle and bring it to each one of you who are in various places in the world to help uplift and bring joy to you. Allow the joy within your hearts to spread like a beautiful warmth within you so that you may put aside all your worries and cares that you may truly feel close to God. Blessings to you, beloved souls, blessings of joy, blessings of peace, blessings of love for you, beloved children of God.