Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 27, 2019
Location: Sydney, AU

I am here, Michael Collier. Your work has been accomplished here, my friends. As you have travelled the lands of this country to the dear souls who have drawn you in in love, seeking your counsel and wisdom, seeking to pray with you, so you have answered the call with love. You have allowed us in the Celestial Kingdom to speak through you and to minister to the dear souls who have gathered. God has blessed us all, has He not, in this beautiful outpouring of Love and service?

You will return, my beloved friends. You will return. We are already making preparations for that return for you will find when you return that there will be many more who are interested in what you have to say and give. You will find that the power of the Light and Love that you bring will also intensify and that those of you who are beginning with the openings of your gifts will be more powerful in their expression and beautiful in the flow of Love that comes. You are all progressing, my beautiful friends. You are diligent and steadfast in your desire to bring the Truth of God’s Love wherever you go.

There is always much work to do, my friends, always much work to do and always much progress to be made within your soul. Remember that receiving the gift of the Father’s Love is the very foundation of everything you do. Continue to pray for this gift. Continue to pray for the Portals that have been established in this country. Pray for the dear and beautiful souls who are the guardians of these Portals. Pray for all those who have sought you out and are seeking Truth. There is a great hunger in this land, my friends. A hunger that is often covered by the material endeavors and desires that are so predominant in this culture. Yet, underneath all of this there is a great lacking within and a deep hunger for love.

Stand forth, my beloved friends, as God’s emissaries of Light and Love, examples, channels of Love, bright spirits, beacons of Light. There is much to be done.

My beloved friend, Geoffrey, we will continue to work together to establish a Circle of Light around this Portal. You will find that there will be those souls who will seek you out. Be open and willing. Allow what is meant to be to flow and be established without too much concern for those who come and their beliefs. Allow them to settle in to your Circle, beloved friend. Be kind and loving and have faith that in time they will truly understand within their minds, the power of God’s Love and desire this gift above all else. The beliefs of the mind are very fluid and change often on the course of one’s spiritual journey.

Our goal is to establish a foundation of Truth and Love within the soul and that does not require great oratories and essays to convince the mind. It will come with the power of Love within the soul. It will direct the mind to certain ways of understanding and thinking that is conducive to receive God’s Love and to perceive God’s Truth. It is an act of faith to draw souls together. In your world, there are such diverse beliefs and understandings all cultivated by the mind. It is not necessary to correct these beliefs for they are only of the mind. What is important is to bring souls together in prayer to receive the gift of God’s Love. To start a soul upon that particular journey while still on Earth is a great gift to that individual, a great blessing from God. If you can be a part of this blessing, then you too are blessed. It is great gift to you.

Humility is such an important part of the expression of soul Truth. Gentleness and passion of the soul, these things bring Light and blessings from God. Beloved, beautiful friends, I wish to thank you for your efforts, thank you for your time and the application of your gifts and expression of your souls in this endeavor. I will continue to work with these beautiful souls who walk upon this land. My commitment is strong. My desire is great. My efforts will be unceasing to bring the Truth of God’s Love to this part of the world.

May God bless you all, keep you in His Love and the flow and Grace of His Touch. My love is with you as well. I am your friend Michael Collier. God bless you. God bless you on your journeys. God bless and God will care for you all, protect you and enfold you in His Love. God bless you.