Spirit: Elijah
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 2, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

…Yes, as my two brothers have spoken of me, I have come. Although, the question is, did I implant the idea of my coming to them or did they implant the idea of my presence today with them? Indeed, your souls know that as you continue to progress upon this Divine Path so you invite our presence and we bring our presence to you in these times that you are in prayer and in discussion about things spiritual.

In my day, I brought many prophesies to my people as I had this gift. Now, you are subject to many prophesies that have been given by myself and others, including our beloved and elder brother Jesus regarding your earthly conditions. I say to you that much is coming. As you have discussed briefly the conditions that are disruptive and unusual in your weather and those patterns within your earthly plane, these things shall continue and intensify as time progresses.

You will witness many things. Some of these things will affect you personally, but I say to you, provided you are in alignment with God and you walk upon the path of God’s Love, that you will be protected and warned and shown the way through these times of change and events that are to happen upon your earthly plane. The power of these changes, the power of the expression of change within the Earth is unstoppable and is inevitable. You, as God’s children, must learn to support one another and learn to listen to the warnings and signs and expressions of earthly change that are coming. 

This wisdom is within you and can assist you as you make changes and adjust to these conditions. Do not ignore those inner feelings and visions and senses which will assist you in times to come where change will sweep across the Earth and bring the unravelling of those old patterns and flows and cycles that you are used to but will indeed be changed and will indeed cause disruptions in your life.

It is not that all will crumble in one cataclysmic event but step by step, day by day these changes will accumulate and create for you the need to adjust with them. God will ensure that you will be protected provided you are in alignment with God. God desires that all of you may come into harmony and alignment with these changes so that you may be a part of a changing world, a world unfolding in the grace of God and within that great intention that all may come back to harmony and peace and grace so that the will of man may be subjugated by the need for this world of yours to be awakened and expressed through the beauty and systems and laws that God has created to sustain this world of yours. That all that live within it may come to know a world that nurtures them and that all who may be within it may also contribute to nurturing and sustenance of this world.

You each carry a great power,  a great power to bring change, to express the blessings and energies of God through you and to be alignment and harmony with His laws, to be in alignment with the Laws of Love which are in harmony with God’s Laws of Creation. These things will come as you awaken, as you grow and are a part of this great flow and waves of change that will continue to sweep across the Earth. You will help to lead others. You will assist God in the awakening of humanity. You will bring the light. You will bring the love. You will bring the wisdom and the comfort that is intended by God to be a blessing through you for your brothers and sisters.

Know that you are a part of this change and the change is upon you and within you and will awaken you further, guiding you along the path that is intended, so to bring harmony back to this world, your world and to your inner world. These things must come. These things are ordained and meant to be in your world at this time. You will see for yourselves the great power of God’s Touch, the wonderment of His blessings upon the world, the blessings so deep and profound which will bring change, which will bring healing, which will bring transformation, not only to you but to many so that you may be that being in alignment and in harmony with all that is of God and all that is of love and all that is meant to be in God’s universe. You will see clearly, know profoundly, express purely, and with love all that you are meant to be.

My precious and beloved brothers and sisters, you are lights in the world and that light will brighten. The lantern that each of you carries will burn brightly and will inform many of what is to come and what will be and what can be as love becomes the predominant influence of your world. The material conditions and ideas of man will be transformed by love and expressed in love so that what man creates will be in harmony with what God creates. All will come together in peace and recognition of the true laws of God and the true need for love to be expressed in all of creation, whether that be of man or be of God.

Love will be the foundation for all that is and will be in your world. Together with God, you will create a new world, a world of peace, a world of harmony, a world that is of greater purity and light. Walk with God, beloved souls. Seek His Love with all your hearts and minds and souls. Seek His Love and you will know of the words I speak and these prophecies will be realized within you. You will find deep and profound joy and peace in your lives.

You are meant to be in light, beloved souls. You are meant to live a life that is in harmony with all of God’s creation. You will find your way to that place, that beautiful place where all is in great harmony and peace and love.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Elijah and I come to you with love and with a desire to assure you that God’s great plan for humanity is being enacted at this very moment and will continue to be expressed in many beautiful and wondrous ways. Through you and through many, God’s plan will be so. All will come into harmony. God bless you. God bless you all.