Spirit: James Padgett
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 3, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am James Padgett. This instrument has written something that is an important declaration as to his gifts and mediumship. When I was on Earth, as you well know, I was a medium. In many ways, I compromised my gifts in working with our celestial teachers by accepting communications with lower spirits, those who were in darkness, those who were progressing along life’s path towards the higher spheres. I was asked by my celestial guides to reduce this effort and communication with them, if not curtail it all together. But, I persisted because I found these communications to be quite entertaining and engaging as I continued to explore of the realms of mediumship and automatic writing.

This instrument is taking a different tact altogether insisting upon celestial communication. I applaud him for his efforts, this discipline that he continues to uphold and walk within the Light of the Divine Love, choosing that his instrumentality reinforces the Truth of Divine Love and communication of the Divine Love Truths. This is important.

There comes a time for every medium to discern between that which is of the mundane and that which is of this journey towards God. There are many, many spirits who would desire to speak through this medium and many other mediums upon the Earth plane for they have a great deal of interest in the affairs of the earthly life. Many of them have deep connections with souls who still exist upon your plane and want to make contact with those they love, those who are connected to these individuals.

There are many mediums who fulfil this role and task. But, in your world, how many mediums are attuned to the celestial spirits who aspire to develop their souls with Divine Love through their prayers to the Source of Love. You may count the numbers on one hand in your entire world, beloveds. Those who are involved often stray as I strayed. I would suggest that you have deep compassion for those who are not so disciplined as this beautiful soul. Yet, his insistence and persistence in regards to his gifts, bringing through celestial communications, is a great boon to us in the Celestial Spheres for he has done what I could not do to sustain this rapport and communication in a deep way with the Celestial Spirits.

I am sure you are aware that this is not easily attained in your world, a world that is filled with many distractions and conditions that are not conducive for such a communication readily achieved. So regard this instrument with great effort. Every moment there is an angel with him and with his dear mate and in this sanctuary that you have developed along with God’s Touch upon it.

So you must guard the conditions here, insure that they are pure, and that each day it is important that you honour the gifts that God has given you in this beautiful sanctuary, this Portal of Light, this place of prayer. As you continue to sustain the light in this place, as you continue to reach out to many souls, as you are engaged in this work, know that we are with you always, that we continue to guide you and help you to develop a clear and great channel of love in the world through your instrumentalities and through the efforts that you make.

Yes, this dear soul who has come to assist you has been guided and will be blessed deeply in her work for any and all who engage in this work with sincerity and clarity, with love and a deep respect for what is needed will be blessed deeply. All who are a part of your work, all who are engaged in prayers and efforts to bring this truth through to humanity will be blessed indeed.

Many are still at the early stages of soul awakening and have trouble grasping the depth of this work, the depth of what is required to be in a powerful rapport with their angel friends and guides, but this will change in time as each individual grows and develops and prays for the inflowing of the Divine Love within their soul.

So the manifestations of that gift working within the soul will continue to rise forth and be a beautiful fountain of light and love through each individual expressing their unique and exquisite gifts of the soul. Patience is always required, beloved souls, tenacity consistency, discipline, and above all faith, faith in what can be, faith in what is in essence happening to each individual soul as they travel the path towards at-onement with God, faith in we who are your friends and who continue to help you develop your gifts and who continue to be here by your side during prayers and who continue to communicate with you all.

It is a great journey and requires to some degree a measure of bravery, a decision to shift beyond the mundane of your world to something higher, something that is eternal, something that will indeed the challenge each soul to go beyond the human condition towards something that is more of God, towards that place in the Grace of God.

So during these challenges, it is often the case that when a soul is feeling that condition that makes them uncomfortable and uneasy, this transitional phase that will happen over and over again as the soul continues to grow and expand and consciousness of the soul continues to grow within the individual causing that individual to reassess their lives, that they look for someone that they may point a finger at, that they may denigrate, that they may put blame upon because of these difficult feelings.

So when you are in that position of leadership, the encourager of all, walk upon the path Divine. Often those who begin the journey and are not so familiar with the journey may put blame upon you, may see you as someone who has betrayed the truth because within their hearts they know that they have betrayed the truth in some way. This is the human condition where the truth is betrayed often and one adopts error.

So, it is important for each individual to acknowledge the error that they have chosen to adopt and to release this. The blessings of God’s Love is a powerful cleansing agent. So as you continue to lead and charge forward in the light, so you will be a target of those who are challenged or angry or frustrated upon this journey. These feelings are in evitable because of the human condition, because of the error that continues to proliferate in your world.

You are braver than I was for I kept my work secret. I did not feel comfortable in sharing these truths for I knew they were challenging to many. I put my work, my material work over my spiritual work even in the later stages of my life but the times were different then. There was no thing that said you may retire at a certain age and live comfortably for this was not the case certainly in my life. So I had to guard my material well-being. I felt the course that I took was a reasonable course. Although, now I have some regrets. I should have been more forthcoming with my efforts. In this way, the knowledge of the Divine Love would have been made available much sooner than it was. But indeed, we cannot change history.

Now, with those sincere souls such as yourselves, you are bringing this truth forward in the world. This gives us in the Celestial Kingdom great joy and spurs us all on in this great work for how many, indeed how many are actively engaged in bringing this truth to the world. Yet, you have cast a wide net in the world thanks to the help of your angel friends and God’s blessings upon you and your willingness to be inspired and guided. So many have been touched by your efforts and many more will continue to be touched by your efforts. This work will expand. Your outreach will grow. Remember, as you touch one individual, they in turn, given time and opportunity, will touch many more.

So this is how God’s plan is enacted, one soul to another to another until many flames are lit, until you come to that place where there is great light in the world. Is this not what you desire, what we desire, and certainly what God desires, that the world will be alit with light, the world will know peace, the world will know love, deep love? Is this not our goal? Is this not our work? We are all engaged in this great pursuit, seeking the guidance of God, seeking to be a channel of love, a channel of truth in your world and in our world. So much depends upon a sincerity and efforts, the consistency and the strength, a great faith of those who are willing to do this work.

May God bless you upon this work and journey and effort. I am with you in these efforts for it does my heart great good to see that what began with me all those years ago continues to this day. I am James Padgett. My love for you is great. We all dedicate ourselves to this work that is the Love of God manifest in the world. God bless you. God bless you, dear ones.