Spirit: Joseph
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 7, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, beloved brothers and sisters, I am Joseph. Do you truly understand the power of your own soul? For the power of the soul is great once that soul has been ignited by the gift of the Father’s Love. Each and every child upon your world has within it the potential of great power, great capacities to bring what is required in your world for greater harmony and light. But first that soul must be awakened. Even in its natural capacities, the soul must come awake and be expressed through each individual in ways that will bring forth the gifts of the soul. Unfortunately, a soul that is bereft of the Divine Love is limited in its capacity to bring the blessings of light, the capacities of the soul to the world, expressed purely and beautifully. With the transformative power of God’s Divine Love, that soul, in time, becomes fully awakened and its capacities to bring light, truth, love, healing, change in all ways to your world, is immense.

My beloved son demonstrated the capacities of the soul. He was fully redeemed by the time he walked the Earth with his mission of love. One man made such a powerful impact upon your world that 2000 years later he is still remembered. One man walked the Earth as an awakened soul. Imagine when there are many who can do so. And each of you has this capacity, at least to some degree, to demonstrate the truth and power of God’s Love transforming the soul of the individual. Each of you can contribute to changing the world and bringing the blessings, the energies, the knowledge, the love, through to this world. Yet within your mind you feel feeble and incapable. You have convinced yourselves that you are a small drop of water in the great ocean. Yet within your soul are many potentials and gifts that may be realized and awakened in God’s Love.

It is that source of your being, your very essence, that the power lies and may be expressed in ways and means that bring light and harmony, truth and love to the world. God will use every soul who is attuned to this very fact, that they are a child of God, that they are aligned with God, that they understand at least to some degree the power of this transformative gift and what it may do to the individual. I call you, my beloved and beautiful friends, brothers and sisters all walking upon this path of realizing the potentials of the soul awakening, the soul in love, being with God in harmony, in alignment, I call you to action.

Your actions will begin with prayer, and so you have  answered that call and you continue to answer that call as God’s instruments gather together in light, bonded together in love. So you beseech God to bring the blessings of His Mighty Soul to your world, and this you must continue, my beloved brothers and sisters. As much as you can do, please assert your desires and will, your efforts and prayers to bring greater light to your world. In this way you acknowledge the power of your soul to bring the blessings of God, not only to yourselves but to your world. There is no greater service than this, my beloved and beautiful souls. You are God’s instruments. You can be great channels of love and blessings to your world. You can do as the beloved Jesus did. He listened with his soul. He heard God’s guidance and Will for him and acted upon this, and so you may do as well. And that enactment, that expression of the soul, may be a simple expression or may be a grand expression in the world, depending on your gifts and depending upon God’s desire and plan for you. So much is dependent upon your willingness, your desire to serve.

That answer to your call will not bring you to a place where you must discard all that is in your life and all the responsibilities that you have within it. No, my beautiful and beloved friends, God will utilize you in ways that are in harmony, in ways that often you are not consciously aware, but will do so because you have set forth your intentions to serve, that you have decided to walk the Path Divine and to be in alignment with God. In this way all falls into place, harmony will be the hallmark of your life, and God will use you in a multiplicity of ways, ways that you do not often understand, comprehend or realize.

Yet with your simple acknowledgment of God in prayer, your desire to be blessed with His Great Love, so you open the doors to many possibilities. And your souls know what it is that God asks of you. Your souls know what it is that God uses you for, and in time your soul will reveal to your conscious self the journey that you have taken and the blessing of your own capacities to serve God and serve humanity in light.

The journey of awakening the soul is a great journey, a complex journey, one that has many facets, like a diamond sparkling in the sun. As you shift in perspective, as your gifts begin to open, as your souls begin to take its rightful place within your being, in your consciousness, so these things will be revealed. So you will come to know your true self and come to know the expressions of your true self. Your souls awaken, beloved and beautiful souls that you are, and you will come to know as each day passes, a greater glimpse and understanding of your own capacities to serve God, to be a channel of love and light, truth and blessings for your brothers and sisters. This is inevitable. Even though you may feel entrapped in a mind so powerful, so full of its own thoughts and ideas, the power of your soul will overshadow your mind in time, as you empower your soul in prayer. This is inevitable.

And though you are impatient and you feel that you must know it all at this moment, I say to you have faith, be patient, be loving and kind to yourself and realize that the process of awakening the soul is incremental and takes time. As in any growth and transformation, whether it be a child born and grows to adulthood or a soul reborn and growing to maturity, it takes time. And each phase of this growth may be savored and recognized, that you may find joy in this, that you may grow to love your soul in ever greater capacities and acknowledgment. Much is coming for each one of you, a journey that is eternal, and you just step upon that road, your soul excited, acknowledging that it begins, that the awakening has been ordained by your choice and by God’s Touch.

God bless you, beloved souls, on that journey. We, the angels of God, are with you. We continue to encourage, to uphold, to point the way. God continues to urge you on with His Love, that you may absorb as much of this Great Gift as you are able. For this is the key to all, as you well know; the key to the journey, the key to unlocking the soul, the key to awakening all of this within.

May you continue to pray for this Gift and pray to be of service for this world of yours, for all of humanity, and in God’s Will may all that is meant to be, be done and realized.  God bless you, beloved souls, I am Joseph. My love is with you. God bless you beloveds.