Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 15, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

I am your brother and friend, Jesus. I come to acknowledge our beloved brother. For he is a true child of God. His soul has found its way to the light, releasing the flesh and coming to the spirit world in light and joy. When one is a true child of God, then this affords certain privileges and blessings. 

Each of you who walk this path will find, as he did, that many blessings will befall you as you transition into spirit. I was there with his transition, I held his hand and walked him to the new world. He wept in joy. He felt the exhilaration of the release from his body, a body which gave him much pain and discomfort over the years. In his passing, he realised what a light he was in your world and what a light he has become in our world.

He was able to see the effects manifest upon him through his service and his dedication to God, his soul resplendent in the Love of God, his eyes sparkled in recognition and joy, his demeanour expansive in love. This awaits each one of you as you dedicate yourselves to God’s service and God’s Love. He realised the power of his own soul to propel him into the light, into greater light and the great joy that came as he walked that path. We walked together toward that place of light that God has designated for him. 

The laws are always obeyed, beloved souls, and whether that individual had certain traits of personality and expression that some of you have felt were difficult and challenging, yet what is it that brings the individual to light? It is not the machinations of the mind, and it is not so much the personality of the individual. It is the unique soul that God created. It is that beautiful soul that longed for God and found God in prayer and dedication, in loving service and acknowledgment of the truth. This is what brought this dear soul to a place of light and joy. This is what will bring you all, beloved souls, to that place where you will find freedom from the human condition and all that binds you to the Earthly plane.

There are always regrets, beloveds, when there is passing because the individual realises that more could have been accomplished through their instrumentality. Yet there is always the time of passing that remains in harmony with the laws that pertain to these things. So it is bittersweet, the sweetness of that release and that time of regret that you could and each could, do more in this world that requires so much ministration and effort to uphold it in light.

Do not long for the time of passing, beloved souls. Long for greater service, greater opportunities, greater love, greater light within you and around you. For in this true longing will come the blessings that will build this light within and carry you forward upon the Path Divine. You are all needed, beloved souls. Live your life as if each day is a gift and a blessing. Seek to know God’s Will. Seek to know His plan for you for that day. In this you will be guided and the doors of service, opportunities to reach out in light to others will open readily.

You are all God’s servants, beloved souls and you acknowledge one of your own as we acknowledge one of our own. He shall, in good time, enter through the gates of Heaven and find his just rewards. These things come on the heels of truth, the expression of love, the blessings of God’s Hand upon him. So, it shall be, beloved souls. We acknowledge and embrace another beautiful and bright soul that is well on his journey to join us in the Celestial Kingdom. He is loved truly, acknowledged for the light that he is. God continues to furnish His way toward at-onement, deep joy and peace.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and friend, Master of the Celestial Kingdom. I am Jesus and I love you all, beloved friends, beloved seekers of light and truth. I am with you on that journey. I know each one of you and I have walked with you as you walk upon this Earthly plane. I promise each one, who is dedicated in the Love of God, that I shall embrace you upon your passing and escort you into the light of the spirit world where you might reside in peace, joy and love. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you deeply, profoundly, powerfully in His great Love.