Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 8, 2020
Location: Monroeville, PA

I am Jesus. My brothers speak of the need to be strong in love and wisdom. I concur with their message that God will imbue within each of you the capacity to be a teacher and healer, to be a beloved friend to many, to walk in the Light of God. How many moments in this Light do you need, beloved souls, to recognize that God has shone a great blessing upon you all, has given you great gifts of Love and has touched your souls deeply?

Acknowledge the beauty of your own souls, the power of your own souls, the grace of your own souls. Be joyed that you, amongst all in this world, have come to discover a powerful Truth. Live this Truth with each moment of your day. Allow the power of the blessings of your soul to be manifest in your lives. Walk with gentleness, but be firm in Truth, and speak with love, but be clear in Truth.

Be a channel for God so that many souls may be touched, that this great plan of God may gather many so that they may come to know their true selves as you are coming to know who you are, that they may come to know God as you continue to reach out to your Heavenly Father, that they may come to know the angels of heaven who have a deep desire to serve all on Earth, that they may be uplifted and come to the Glory of God, the wonderment of Love, the joy of living in Truth and Light.

You are my brethren and you have all the resources of Heaven and Earth at your feet to serve God in this way. May you find your way past all doubt, past all confusions, past reticence and past all conditions of the past that have inhibited you, to a place of clarity and joy, of Truth and peace, of Love burning bright in your souls and all parts of your being. Truly you are blessed, beloved souls, truly. I am with you, shall never leave. My love is with you. God bless you beloveds. God bless you.