Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 31, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. How wonderful it is to see so many souls who come to drink of the Father’s Love, at this well of Light that is this Love given to each one of you, flowing the Living Waters that shall never be dry but always flow forevermore, and that you walk together. Beloved souls, within you is a great bond, as our precious and beloved Keea has spoken of, this bond that connects one to another and is strong and continues to grow. This thread of Light becomes a cord of Light, a rope of Light, a powerful bonding agent that collects you all together as you pray in this way. In this way, God may use you individually and collectively, to bring blessings to your world, to bring many blessings to your brothers and sisters, to bring blessings to your loved ones.

God utilises this gift that you have created together, this harmonious Circle of Light, in many ways. You are instrumental in helping to sustain and build the great network of Light, this great effort that we are all engaged in to help encircle the world in Light, to help neutralize the dark conditions which continue to suppress the souls of humanity in darkness.

So we work togethe in our great efforts to awaken humanity in Light, to heal those who are indeed downtrodden and lost and feel the great deprivation of the lack of Light within their souls. So we all work together as God continues to bring us together, to bring all our desirous souls into unity and union in this great effort to heal the world. Many more will join you, so many more that you cannot bring them all together in this way, for it is not possible to do so. Times are coming when you will know a great wave and collection of humanity joining you in this effort, all feeling the power and beauty and glory of your prayers together in these efforts to bring the Truth of Love to your world.

So much is coming, and it will come quickly. I know you have been used to progress that is very slow and plodding, hard-won and challenging, but I tell you, in times to come there will be a quickening of your efforts, a beautiful unfolding of God’s plan, where you will be close to many. You will come to know many dear souls and you will come to embrace many who are in need of comfort and love. This is a part of God’s plan and this plan encompasses your entire world. It is the healing of humanity who has been so long lost to God, so long disengaged from their own souls, so long in error and in great and terrible thoughts of pain and anger, who are indeed lost not only to God but to their own selves.

For those of you who have found your true selves, your souls, and have found in this your relationship with God and in this relationship have found the power of God’s Love to heal and uplift and to bring Truth and wisdom and joy. So you must shine forth in all that you do and all that you are, this new-found Light, this great and powerful Truth, this wondrous Love that is God’s Gift to each of your souls. Walk in this Light, beloveds. Seek the guidance that God has to give to each one of you. In this gift of God’s Touch upon you, you will find great opportunities and rewards and experiences of Light and Love unanticipated, unknown to you now, but coming as part of this great plan that God has intended and will manifest in your world.

Great change, great awakenings, great shifts of understanding, great waves of Love will engulf you all and bring you to that place of sweet knowings of God and great compassion for humanity, instruments of His Will, channels of His Love. So it will be as you continue to pray and grow in this blessing. So it will be that you will find your place within His plan and you will find your purpose there. A wondrous, joyful awakening of the great gems of your soul expressed through God’s Will and plan for humanity.

God bless you upon this journey, carrying you to that place of true understanding and expression of your souls. We are there with you. We will always be and our love for you is great. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine. God bless you, beloved souls, His Love to shine upon you for all eternity. God bless you.