Spirit: James Padgett
Medium: Jimbeau Walsh
Date: April 27, 2021
Location: Punaluu, Hawaii

I am here, your brother and friend in the Love of God and I have been with you this session beaming in the joy of your journey, of your wishing to understand, this transformation of soul, these truths that I received. 

I was a material man in a material world and I had all the desire for self-satisfaction and self-gratification as anyone and yet in my Methodist beliefs I did know of this Divine Love. At least I knew of it as something that existed as a gift from God. But like many I carried with me very traditional orthodox beliefs of the bible and Jesus. Yet, like many, when I was in crisis, when my heart was in grief and guilt over the loss of my dear Helen, I called out, and at first beyond my imagination I began to receive messages from my dear Helen. Other than the fact that I disagreed with what she said, I was astonished that I seemed to have this gift. Then one day the master came and I also did not believe that, thinking that it was an impossibility, but I tell you the love that I felt dissolved my doubts. I would say the first time I actually realized after praying for some time that I had a degree of this Divine Love in my soul was in a place with people who did not pray for this Love, who had no concept of it. Though I only had perhaps a drop in the ocean of this Divine Love in my soul I felt as if I was a lightbulb in a dark room and I realized my God, I understand. I asked and I have received. 

As Cliff and Dorothy have mentioned, the messages I received convey deep truths in a number of areas that are not often explored by humans. I would add to what was said that I received quite a bit of knowledge and truth concerning the spheres and the journey in the spirit world. All the way from those in the hells progressing through the spheres to the seventh sphere and on into the Celestial Heavens. You will see if you have not read these messages that they are quite diverse and from many different spirits to give you a picture of how the soul becomes transformed from wherever it is, be it the depths of hell, the blandness of normalcy, the good person, the longing soul, from the mere mortal to the very Celestial Divine Angel. 

So, it is with deep gratitude I thank you and I encourage you explore and pray. You will surely receive when you ask from your soul. May God bless you with the great inflowing of Divine Love. I am your true brother and friend in the Celestial Heavens. I am James Padgett. God Bless you.