SPIRIT: Yogananda
DATE: May 22, 2024

I am Yogananda. Since my dear brother read a message that I delivered a few years ago, I came to be with you today. So many in the west take eastern philosophy very seriously, believing that this is the way in the truth, just as many in the west believe that what was ascribed to Jesus was the way in the truth. Yet, each of these philosophies, either east or west, are greatly hampered by human intervention and imagination. 

So, what is to be believed? What is to be understood as truth? The truth is what is in your heart. You understand this, my friends. It is not what someone tells you. It is not some way of being, some movement of the body, some concept of incarnation, etc. It is the here and now of your own condition, your own thoughts and your own aspirations. This, no one can put within you. It is what you have created for yourself. So you must consider what your thoughts are and where your thoughts come from. If you are attuned to your soul, which is the most important and vital part of yourself, and the thoughts that emerge from your soul are the most valid of all, then you are on your way to personal truth. Yet, if your thoughts come from a mind that has been instilled with many ideas, having read many scriptures, tenets and philosophies, then it is a mixed up jumble of thought. Nothing more, nothing less.  

You cannot believe in what your mind has construed from the information it has gleaned from all around it. For the mind does funny things. The mind twists and construes things in such a way that the truth is often lost. A kernel certainly exists therein, but it has been elaborated upon and has been made complicated. Many paradigms, applied and reapplied, merge and re-emerged to make something that is most confusing indeed.

You must look at that which your soul knows to be true. It is the only way. Even the words given through this instrument and others are a dim reflection of truth. I do not say they are filled with error, but the truth of the matter remains still within your being, your perception, your understanding of things. That you must trust. Of course, you need to discern between that which is of  the material mind and that which is of the soul and the soul mind. Once you have figured this out, straightened the truth out, so to speak, then the truth will abide within you so that no one can alter or prescribe to you their ideas of what is true and what is not.

Each individual carries this responsibility. To find the truth within themselves and to live the truth that they find because if you cannot live the truth, then what good is the truth? It is merely an abstract within your consciousness. You must bring it forth and live it. Live it to the utmost. Live it with every breath, every thought, every deed. All that you are affirms the truth. That truth within, where does that come from?

It comes from the Creator of all, does it not? This is the source of truth. God has given you the way to the Divine. Delineate the source between that which is in your mind, that which is in your soul and that which your soul may come to know within God. I urge you to find God first and foremost. To find that place that has found God and to live within that place, to express yourself from that place, to discern the truth from that place. In this way, all the misconstrued ideas, all the imaginative, decorative thoughts and precepts that humanity has added to what is essentially a very simple journey toward truth and true spirituality, may fall away from you, laying bare the exquisite beauty of truth that lives within you.

This is what you need to do, my friends. Find that exquisite place that is full of truth and you can do no wrong. You will not be waylaid, distracted, misinformed. You will find your way toward the great Truth of all, which is God and God’s Love for you. This abiding truth will bring all else into your consciousness provided you are focused upon it and desire it with all your heart.

Do not be waylaid by distractions and all those things that I’ve spoken of that are interpretations of truth rather than truth itself. You want the real thing do you not, my friends? Not some misconstrued, imaginative interpretation of life. Many are enamoured by their own thoughts, what comes of them and the thoughts of many spirits that surround them which imply many things into their minds. You do not need this. You need to go to God in your own heart and soul. In this, you will find purity, simplicity, and potency of truth. Realizing how profound the truth is given to you by the Creator of Truth, the Creator of all. Is this not your goal, my friends? Be simple in your approach, humble and earnest. Be kind to yourself, loving toward yourself, loving toward each other and patient. For you need patience in order to journey in this way. The mind will find a thousand ways to distract you, to waylay, to burden you. Do not allow this. Be pure and clear in your intentions. Seek the harmony of the Source of all. Embrace this harmony and be in the bliss of at-onement with God.

I am Yogananda. I come to give my little bit of advice from one who has been on many journeys and distracted many times. Now in my trueness of the journey of love, I have found the simplicity, this wonderment, this magnificence of the truth of the soul and relationship with the great Soul of God. May you, too, find your way. My love is with you. I have been with you often, even though you are not aware. We do our best and we do our part to help uplift and to influence you toward the highest of truths. I am happy to be of service. I love each one of you, beautiful friends on Earth. May you be blessed deeply, profoundly and joyfully in the Love of God. My love is with you.