Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 29, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

God bless you, beloved friends, students. I am your teacher, Augustine. Each day that God gives you upon this Earthly plane is a precious gift. How many times have you heard this little epitaph of acknowledgment, cajoling you to sound the depths and breadths of a day? And yet, this is very true that because you have the day as a  gift of free will, you may make of your day as you will. Who is controlling you? Who is forcing you? Who is within your mind but yourself? And with this, you are left with your own thoughts and desires, seeking to do in your day what you must as a reflection of what you desire to do. Yet, often it is the mind that determines the actions of the day. It is not often your soul and the intuition of your soul that does so, but it is your mind. Because, as you are engaging with the world in a day, then you are listening and well aware of the cues and expectations that are all around you. For one reason or another whether that be fear or desire to please or some other perspective, you will act accordingly. So direct control does not exist, at least for most of you. 

There are subtle controls and cues that continue to act within your consciousness and determine your behavior because you are not fully aware of them as of yet and you are not yet fully attuned to your soul. For when your soul is in alignment with God and when you are in alignment with your soul, then the perspective of a day is very different indeed. The potentials of that day may hold will be expressed and understood differently because your motivations are different. Your understanding of what is around you is different because perceptions of the soul bring very different perceptions than that of the mind. 

When the soul and the mind are in alignment, there is often harmony because you are consciously deciding to respond to a soul that is receiving information and perceiving information in such a way that it determines your next step, your next thought, your next deed. This alignment, however, is often so subtle between your two centers of consciousness and with the intermediary of the spirit mind, these things can be very jumbled, misunderstood, and without clarity, therefore lacking true purpose especially when the material mind and the soul mind are at odds. And they often are, my beloved students. Then disharmony comes and there is much misunderstanding as to what God’s will is in your life, manifesting conflict within you. There is disharmony and in this, much grief and pain may come of it as this condition worsens and the collective actions that are a response to this condition worsens. The decisions that you make, especially those that are important decisions, are made in a condition that is a reflection of this disharmony. 

You are each praying to be within your soul, that your consciousness may be aligned with your soul. You pray to receive the great gift, the gift of God’s love so that you are truly in alignment with God. Thus, in your life depending upon the day, either the human condition is reflected within your mindful condition wins the day, and determines your actions and thoughts or the harmony of the soul condition which is being infused with God’s love and changed by God’s love is more predominant. This back and forth between the two, we see very readily as we are with you each day. As you find your decisions out of harmony with love and God’s will, you create for yourself a great window, an opportunity to learn and to grow and to realize that yes, I am not listening to God’s will. I am not in harmony with God’s will and the result of this is evident in my life. When the outcomes of your efforts are in harmony and you come to realize this, then there is joy, a recognition that God has worked in my life, that God is blessing me. And yet with each and every breath, my beloved students, God is working for you to bring greater harmony in your life. The great dilemma is that your minds are rejecting that guidance, that flow to some degree because you are human. You continue to follow that road of all humanity with expectations and willful desires and fearful decisions that reflect this condition.

My beloved brothers and sisters, I too once walked the Earth, and I fully understand your dilemma. How many have been able to escape that condition and to walk in such harmony with God that they are in the light always? Recently you spoke of St. Francis and the beautiful condition that he lived in. He was one who did not live by the rules, so to speak. He was one who lived and was immersed in the light of God, the love of God. Yet I do not see you readily entering into some cave or hovel,  rejecting all material concerns. This is not a practical solution to this dilemma. Yet,  as you continue to grow in God’s love, as you continue to awaken in His love, as the power of your soul is strengthened and becomes more dominant in your thinking and doing, then things will change within your life. I am not suggesting that you will walk away from all of your material possessions and your relationships and all things that you value and hold dear to your heart. No, I do not suggest these things, my students, but as you see these things, as you recognize them, as you prioritize them, as you act in accordance to what is required of you to maintain these things, this will change. You will change so that such worries and cares will not be so evident. In fact, they will fall away from you and you will feel a lightness, a joy with this. You will come to know with deep wisdom, that you must live your life in harmony and this includes living your life in harmony with the material world.

As you create a life that allows for prayer and much prayer, allows for service and much service, allows a way in which you may nurture yourself in love and much love, so greater harmony comes. A clear understanding of what is meant to be in one’s life, what is in harmony with God’s laws, God’s laws of love, God’s laws of creation.

It is unlikely you will reach complete harmony in such a world as this, but indeed, as you continue to grow in God’s love, as you continue to desire as you do to serve  God and serve humanity, so much harmony will ensue in your actions and thoughts. Much will come of this and you will reach out to many souls as a result of it. Opportunities will open to you to be in service and they will not be opportunities that are filled with barriers, difficulties and conditions that you might overcome with great effort. Although at times these may come. Generally, you will find yourself moving with grace in the world, readily expressing love in the world and being in the light. The burdens of the world will lessen and lessen until they become no more. This is my prayer for you, my beloved students, that you will come to know the ease and grace of living in this world in harmony with God, in harmony with His love. That you will know the joy of it, that you will have a profound understanding of how you may achieve it. That your mind and soul may work in concert together so that you know great harmony, great wisdom, great joy. 

So, my beloved students, each day presents great challenges and joys, with great opportunities, tests and triumphs. I urge you to be aware of your actions and thoughts, to be aware of your choices, to be aware of all those elements and things in a life that make up a life, that determine the course and direction of a life. For you have the gift of free will, my beloved, beloved students. Exercise it with wisdom. Walk with faith, express it with joy, with the knowledge that you walk with God and God walks with you always. God walks with you, my beloved students. Be at peace and know that you walk with the light and that all that is of light is with you, presented to you readily. Grasp that which is of light, grasp that which is of harmony and love and you cannot stray, beloveds, with this choice and habit.

 God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher, Augustine. My love for you is great and we shall continue to progress together upon the wondrous road of God’s love and truly be His children, His servants, His joy as He observes us expressing our souls in concert and harmony with Him. God bless you, beloved souls. My love is with you.