Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 19, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Through all the uncertainty and turmoil in your world, you have come and drawn yourselves to the Light of God’s Love, to drink of this great and beautiful Source, to uplift yourselves and to bring a strength and stability to your lives. You do so together in this fellowship. You do so bringing light and comfort and truth to one another. This is God working with you, beloved souls, guiding you along your path, bringing to you the gift of one another, bringing to you the gift of His Love within your soul, assisting you upon your journey which is unique to yourselves. Yet, together you have come to open your eyes and see the wonderment and diversity of God’s gift and many gifts to each soul.

Beloveds, I have come to tell you that before this year is out, you will come to know within yourselves a great gift, an opening of gifts that will assist you in this work that each of you ascribes towards as a channel of love. In this coming year, God will place within you and the angels will help you to assimilate and develop particular gifts that will allow you to see more deeply into the Truths of God’s Love, to see more deeply into the hearts of your brothers and sisters, to cultivate and grow a deep sense of love and acceptance of all.

These things God will give you so you may venture out into the world and be His channels, that you may be able to assist others who are lost and who are seeking, who desire truth, who are in great pain and yet wish to be healed of this. You may dispel the confusion, the lack of understanding, the errors, and the misdirections that so many in your world are engaged within and immersed in the greyness and darkness of the earthly condition.

You will be able to bring Light. You will be inspired to bring Light and Truth. You will come to know your own soul as you have never known before, an awakening of certain faculties and gifts within that will give you a great strength and capacity to be God’s instruments and channels of Light in the world. Each of you will be given this gift, this awareness, this opening of faculties so that you may indeed be God’s instruments, that you may indeed walk in the world with a strength, a clarity, a love that will make you disciples of the Master and his great lessons and teachings of God’s Love.

There is much awaiting you, beloved souls. It is for you to pray and to be open to these gifts, to accept them, to acknowledge them, to not doubt and not be fearful but to be strong and dedicated, clear and true to the Love of God, and these things will be yours, beloved souls. It is for you to choose to accept, to embrace and they will be given. This is my promise and my affirmation of God’s Will for each one of you. You will be gifted. You will come to know God in deeper and more fulfilling ways bringing a joy and a comfort, a clarity and a Truth to your lives, your spiritual lives and your material lives, for all will be affected by these new dawning gifts and awarenesses that come with the gift of the Father’s Love. You will indeed know this deep joy and inner strength and satisfaction that comes with a soul emerging from the human condition to that which is of God.

May God bless you, beloved souls, on that journey. Know that each gift, each way, each journey will be unique, that you will come to know this as a unique aspect of your lives. Yet God gives to each one of you His Love to be expressed through your unique souls. So it will be a beautiful expression of your wondrous and beautiful souls.

God bless you, my friends. I am Matthew and I work with each one of you so that you may indeed progress further upon this Path Divine and know your true selves and know your Heavenly Father. I am with you as are many. My love and blessings for each one of you, beloved souls. Persist in the Truth, beloveds. Pray often and be with God and know that you are blessed deeply and loved dearly. God bless you, God bless you, beloveds.