Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 5, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings of peace, blessings of Love, and all that is of Light and  of God, may this be your blessing today. I am Mary and I come to pray with you in this Light, in this great hall in which we gather and are a part of one another as brothers and sisters in this great family of Love. We are truly a part of one another. And so it shall be for all eternity, for all of you who continue upon this Divine path. We shall be together in this great Light and God shall bless us mightily. Day in and day out, we will be in this Light and be blessed more fully in His Love.

Beloveds, uphold one another, carry each other in this Light. Pray for one another and pray for your world for it is important that we establish this beachhead of Light in your world, with the Truth flowering and proliferating amongst you as you express within you all the great and powerful sentiments of your soul, the desire to be with God. For it is this desire, this true desire that feeds the Light that comes, that draws to you the blessings that God wishes to give to you. The desire of your soul, beloveds, is a powerful agent that will bring many things into your midst and into this world.

You are just discovering the power of your own soul, and I say to you that what you realize now is but a shadow of what is to come. How you see yourselves in this Light is but a dim reflection of how you shall be in Light. How you understand the world of God, the Truth of God, is but a speck of the great Truth that is God. So we all will grow in this expanding Truth and Love, joy and Light and we uphold one another do we not? You are my brothers and sisters. You are brothers and sisters to one another, and we are all family within the great Light of God in His Love, His children whom He nurtures and guides upon the path of Light and Truth and Love. So we are together in this glorious Light. Absorb within you all that you can of these moments of prayer. Be one anothers’ loving friend, brother and sister upon this path, uplift and support each other. You need one another, and you need to be with God as much as you can for this increases the Light around you and increases the light within you as you pray for the blessing of the Father’s Love. This growing, expanding Light will someday encompass the world and you are that great igniter,  one who has brought the Truth within yourself and thereby acknowledged the Truth in your lives. So this Truth will expand and grow and will touch others who will touch others until the whole world is in this blessed Light and understands that they are truly brothers and sisters.

Beloveds, you are truly blessed. You are truly loved. Many angels are with you at this time. May we all be together in this blessed, beautiful place of Light and Love. God bless you, beloveds. I am Mary and I love you dearly. My beautiful, beautiful children, I love you dearly. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.