Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 11, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C, Can.

May the great blessings of God’s Love pour upon you my beloved brothers and sisters, I come, I am Jesus. I come to pray with you and to be with you in this time of prayer. I come with my friends, all who are emissaries of that great Kingdom of love. We come to Earth to bring to you hope and blessings of love and light. We come to you because your souls long for this gift that shall open the road to the Celestial Kingdom, so that each of you are destined to find this place from whence we come. And though the glories of joy and wonderment of this great Kingdom of love.

I come because though you are a small and somewhat narrow representation of the Earth populations, you represent hope for the world, hope for the dissolution of darkness in your world, hope that love may reign supreme in your world. It is your dedication, the desire to know your own souls and to know God and all God’s glory and wonderment, that you have brought great light into your world through these longings. Though you are small in numbers, you are great in this channel of love and light for the world. Many of you have a deep dedication and consistency in your prayers and efforts to reach God. Though you may struggle on the Earth plane, your souls are reaching ever closer to freedom and awakening to all that is of the spiritual nature, fulfilling God’s intentions for each of you to be with Him, at one in love, in light, in joy. 

We are together my beloved friends, in this pursuit of truth, seeking the glory of God’s touch upon us, being in this pure light, coming to know pure Truth, coming to know the deep peace that passes all understanding, being an expression and channel of God’s Love in the world. All of these things awaken and unfold as you continue in your prayers and efforts to be in the light, to absorb the great gift of God’s love within, to open up the faculties of your souls so you may truly know and see, and live the great truth which is God’s creation and God’s living Love expressed within it. 

You are my brothers and sisters, know that I come to each one of you, that I come to bless, to uphold, to guide and inspire each one of you. That each who is my true brother and sister is part of my family of which I have deep love and affection for, and I am with you, as your elder brother, upon the path of love. May God bless you deeply on this day and carry you through this day and all days until you reach that place of which I speak, and the Heavenly realms will be your abode and your joy.

God bless you, I am your brother and friend Jesus, master of the Celestial Kingdom. God bless you beloved souls, in all of the glory of His Love to pour upon you. Open your souls, beloveds, open your souls and receive the benediction of God’s holy Essence pouring within, awakening you, blessing you, changing you. God bless you. God bless you.