Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 18, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I wish for you, my friends, a true awakening of love and light, awareness of all things of God. I am your friend Yogananda and I have come because you have called me with your comments from our beloved brother who has spoken so eloquently about my journey to North America. He was correct in his comments that I was reluctant to go, such a different place from that which I grew up in and was used to. The culture of India is so different from that of North America. Yet I was compelled, compelled by God to walk the shores of this vast continent and speak to His peoples and be a purveyor of truth as I knew it at the time. People were eager and hungry for my words and to be taught how to go to God, how to go within themselves, how to cultivate light within them and within their lives.

Is this not any different today, my friends? Surely it is the same. So many are hungry, are eager to know spiritual teachings. Yet, many are reluctant, are shy and nervous and confused and distracted. So many do not know their inner selves because they have chosen to be upon the surface of consciousness, unawakened, asleep, their minds distracted by so many things.

Yet, I see here amongst my brothers and sisters a concerted effort to go deeper than that of the mindful considerations, to plunge into the soul, to come to know the soul, and to come to know the soul’s relationship with God. This in essence is what I have always taught though I may have added many explanations and ideas that are not a part of your journey of truth and some of which is not at all of truth. But still, much of what I taught was of truth. My language and words, my concepts, my experiences caused me to speak in different ways of these truths.

That you will find in many instances and places around your world where there are those like myself who are attempting to teach truth to others. I urge you to be patient and accepting even though the language is indeed different and some of their ideas do not correlate with your own. But in love, all is possible and all becomes inter-connected.

Allow yourselves to be open and loving and accepting. Walk the Earth as a light. Be true to yourselves, my friends. Be true to yourselves, that deep part of you that is full of wisdom and knowledge and can more readily understand truth in any aspect of your mind’s abilities. This is where the truth lies, that place deep within. This is where God becomes real and you forge your relationship with this intimate and true aspect of the universe which is the Creator of All, the Source of All Love, the Light of All Things.

Come to God. Come to realise God through the faculties of your soul, through the awakening of your soul by receiving this Essence of God, the Divine Love, this key that opens the great door of understanding, of wisdom, compassion, and truth, this door that is readily open through your prayers, this door that opens all doors.

Yes indeed, it is very simple. I wish that I had a clear understanding of this truth when I walked the Earth for my teachings would indeed be changed by this understanding and simpler indeed. Though I had a powerful influence upon many seekers, I always acknowledged God as the Source of all Truth, that I was a mere instrument as are you, beloved friends, an instrument of truth, a channel of love, he who brings light. You are all of these things. You can indeed influence others as I did because you carry a great truth and a great light.

Do not underestimate yourselves, my friends. Do not underestimate the potentials that lie within your souls and the abilities that you have that God may use in order to convey great truth and light to the world. If you are willing, he will use you. If you were open, God will provide the ways and means, the channels and the portals, the networks, all the things of light that will be effective in bringing others to truth.

It is not difficult. You must first get over yourselves. Allowing God to use you as a clear channel, putting aside your fears, your reticence, your doubts, all those human things that are not useful upon this journey of service for God wishes each of you to be of service, to help your fellow man upon their struggles and journeys towards greater life and understanding.

So few wish to labour in these fields, to put their efforts forward, to take the time and the inclination of the soul manifest in the world. You are all invited to be God’s channels and servants, purveyors of love and light. May you find your way so that all that can manifest will manifest in your lives. It is a matter of time and patience, of prayer and perseverance, of faith to walk the way of God, the divine path as you call it.

Seek the kingdom as our brother Jesus spoke and all things shall come. Be in the Grace of God and all things will become easy and flow beautifully. Seek to love yourself and this will empower all your gifts, all the truth within you. Seek to love God and you will be in the bliss of His Love.

May God bless you, my friends. I am indeed Yogananda, your brother, your friend, your servant, he who loves God. I am with you in your struggles. I shall endeavour to assist you and teach you. God bless you, my friends, beautiful souls, brothers and sisters all upon this great journey. My love is with you. My joy is with you. God bless you.