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Children’s Sanctuary of Namibia
and Love is the Answer

Our beloved friends, Helge Mercker and Catherine Koch, have given up their lives in the West to volunteer in Africa. Helge in Namibia and Catherine in Uganda are devoted to projects that provide care for some of the 16 million orphaned children in sub-Saharan Africa due to HIV/AIDS, as well as other causes of parent mortality. DLSF covers the cost of bank charges donations made to Childrens Sanctuary Namibia and Love is the Answer.

In Namibia, Helge is the co-founder of The Children’s Sanctuary of Namibia”, which is dedicated to caring for children, the sick and the elderly of local Indigenous tribes in a Settlement Camp near Gobabis. Together with Chief Ita, a local school teacher and volunteers, living in isolation, C.S.N. has been providing a hot meal, at various times, for up to 400 children. DLSF seeks to raise $1500 every six months to feed 120 orphans one meal a day for 6 months.  C.S.N. is building an orphanage, playground and sustainable garden on tribal land which has been secured from the Government of Namibia for this purpose. Building will commence in 2017.

In Uganda, Catherine is the founder of Love is the Answer, a Canadian registered charity working in Africa that assists orphan children and caregivers of orphan children in areas of poverty relief and reduction, the advancement of education, and the development of local community initiatives that benefit orphan children. L.I.T.A. supports projects that foster the children’s survival and well being, and promotes conditions leading to their empowerment and self-sufficiency, through self-directed programs and sustainable income generating activities.

  • Love is The Answer is a registered Canadian charity.  Donors are encouraged to donate directly to LITA rather than through Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation.  Canadian Charitable Receipts are issued directly to donors and are tax deductible for Canadian citizens.  
  • Children’s Sanctuary Namibia is registered in Namibia, Africa.  Charitable receipts are issued but they are not tax deductible for residents of Canada, the U.S., Europe or Australia.  Donors are encouraged to donate directly to CSN; however banking charges are so high, that DLSF will happily accept donations on behalf of CSN and issue lump sum bank drafts either on a quarterly basis or when we have accumulated significant dollars so that the lump sum warrants paying the cost of the bank charge! 
  • DLSF covers the cost of processing donations and bank charges so that the full amount of any donation goes directly to the charity.