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Divine Love Mission

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Al and Jeanne Fike

Al and Jeanne Fike
were Founders of the
Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation
in 2012

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Our Mission

To awaken humankind to the wonders of Divine Love
and to be channels of love,
peace and healing for our planet.

Our Beliefs

God exists. God is Love.
God wants to share His/Her Love with all people.
Humans have free will;
they can choose to know God or not.
The mind is not the key for an understanding of God.
The soul is the true door of access to knowing God.
Prayer, the sincere longing of the soul to receive Divine Love, is the key that opens us to the Creator’s Love.
Divine Love purifies us, develops the gifts of the soul, and helps us to become channels through which this
Love can flow to the world.
We each have the capacity to activate God's Love within us by choosing thoughts and actions that create a world where all life is valued.

About the Foundation

The Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation is a registered, not-for-profit organization founded in 2012 in British Columbia, Canada. Our goals are to facilitate gatherings across the globe that engage others in prayer, healing and learning about the spiritual practice of receiving Divine Love, and to put love-into-action, both in our daily lives and in selected projects.

We believe that by activating our deepest soul’s longings in sincere prayer, each of us has the potential to develop a meaningful, intimate relationship with The Creator. We believe that through the inflowing of God’s Divine Love, the soul is transformed. We believe that living a life of prayer has rich and profound rewards, and each soul has the opportunity to access an inflowing of Divine Love that will bring us into the Light, deepen our soul perceptions, and help us live our lives more in harmony with the Laws of Creation.

As long as one is earnestly open to receiving this blessing, one’s religious or mental beliefs will not inhibit it. This is not a religious practice; adherence to religious dogma or rituals is not required. It is a simple, elegant practice that opens one’s soul to an entire universe of knowledge and perception. As the Divine Essence is accepted within, it ignites an awakening of the soul and an ever-growing knowledge of the great Oversoul, our Creator. Each soul has its singular path to knowing God, and will experience a unique spiritual journey in its unfolding awareness of God.

We are not a religious organization or a church.  We are a global network of spiritual seekers. What brings us together is a singleness of purpose to grow in The Divine Love, to enact Love in our everyday lives, and to support humanitarian projects that demonstrate Love-in-action. Children’s Sanctuary Namibia, Love Is The Answer (Uganda) and Windows of Opportunity (Queens, New York) are charities of choice that D.L.S.F. promotes and supports. We invite others to add your prayerful support, donations and expertise to these far-reaching projects that collectively serve orphan children, the sick, the elderly and disadvantaged youth.

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Founding Directors

Founding Directors 2012-2015
Left to right: Jane Gartshore, Judy Dunbar, Al Fike, Geoff Cutler, Barbara Davies, Jeanne Fike, Betty Owen, Terry Adler

SLSF Trustees 2016-2019

DLSF Trustees 2016 – 2019
Al Fike,  Helge Mercker,  Jeanne Fike,  Geoff Cutler.

Al and Jeanne Fike were the founders of the Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation in 2012. They gathered a dedicated group of local volunteers from the Vancouver/Gibsons area of B.C. to form a non-profit society. In 2016 an international Board of Trustees (pictured above), was elected to better represent the reality of DLSF’s global network.  A growing number of  volunteers from around the world are individually and collectively hosting weekly inter-faith prayer, healing services, workshops, retreats and other “Circles of Light” with Divine Love as their focus. DLSF is a network of Divine Love spiritual seekers. All Directors of DLSF are ordained ministers with the Foundation Church of Divine Truth.

Endless Journey …

… Endless Love

Al and Jeanne's garden